Guest Writer Track Review: Ludic: Terrified

‘Wonderfully harnessing their Alien Motown sound, Ludic’s musicality is far from terrifying.’

Track Review
A band full of character and youth, Canadian trio Ludic – comprised of Ayla Tesler-Mabe and brothers Max & Rhett Cunningham – are destined for greatness even when the world is filled with uncertainty. Released at the end of October, ‘Terrified’ illuminates the struggles of making a life-changing decision and while the title may suggest otherwise, there’s nothing terrifying about the track. Illustrating how sometimes in life one decision could end up affecting everything around you, as well as your future, this latest offering is breathtaking. 

Powered by an elevating sound that will brighten any old day, ‘Terrified’ wonderfully harnesses what the band affectionately term as ‘Alien Motown’. Refusing at each turn to be musically pigeon-holed, the track blends alternative pop soundscapes with elements of indie and hints of funk with ease. Meanwhile, the pulsating groove that underpins the atmosphere makes it both an incredibly enjoyable listen and ensures it flows with grace. 

Using powerful chord progressions coated with energetic vocals, ‘Terrified’ is a track armed with warmth in a way that, in the words of the trio, ‘is like a hug accepting the uncertainty of life.’ Equally, with continually comforting musicality and a bouncy arrangement fuelled with optimism and passion, there is brilliant contrast to indecision filled lyrical content. Definitely the sort of band you’ll want to show your friends, Ludic are vibrant, charming and super talented. Check out ‘Terrified’ in all the usual places now.

Guest Writer Track Review by Chloe Mogg

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