Music Video Feature: Belau ft Amahla: Risk It All

‘Immersive tracking shots, freedom filled aerials and stunning locations deliver visuals that are truly transportive.’

Music Video Feature: Belau ft Amahla: Risk It All
When creating a video to go along with a release there are generally a few common ways to go. However, regardless of which direction an artist may decide, it should fit the release in some way and captivate just as much as the track itself. To be clear, I’m not saying for one moment that releasing a track without a full accompanying video will make it unsuccessful, but if you are to pair it with a video, that visual has to grab you without detracting from the musicality that drew you to the track in the first place. A tricky balance indeed. However, when achieved perfectly it can, as is certainly true in the case of Belau’s music video for Risk it All, make you love the track even more. Featuring an array of sights to tantalise us, it is a video that feels perfect for the track, while looking perfectly beautiful as well.

‘We filmed the video across two different countries’ says Peter, ‘The pink house you see is in Calp, Spain while other parts are in Austria’. If you haven’t seen the video ahead of this feature, both locations are to die for and it’s no wonder that they chose them. We had seen many pictures from this Spanish area, and it has a really good feel to it.’ When you see these shots, some of you may well recognise the area as the most minimal of online searches will bring up an endless supply of images for this instagram-able location. But if you don’t, in these times where travel is limited, it’s certainly one to add to the post-COVID bucket list. Thankfully for us and film maker Péter P. Szabó though, this didn’t impact the creation at all.

“Péter P. Szabó who was the director and Director of Photography for the video made it in February 2020 before the whole COVID crisis.” While this is the case, it really does feel like it could have been created at any time this year, especially with it involving a small team and only two actors. Maybe this small team approach is the future – immediately at least – for music video creation, perhaps? This said, here it was a conscious casting decision with the explorer and the faceless red figure creating a sense of mystery and interpretive openness. “We just wanted to have a mystic character, but the story will be different for everybody who watches the video.”

However, while the team was small and specifically selected, even with Péter having worked on Belau’s previous videos – including the equally captivating ‘Wicked’ (2016) and ‘Essence (2019) – the actual process still took some time. It [the video] was shot across three days, and edited over many more. We just wanted to take time with the release.” If time is what it takes to create a video as high quality as this, then it is well worth it. Equally, in continuing to have a visual in mind for once the track was completed, the phenomenally finished look that carries through all their videos to date was maintained.

Echoed by Peter himself, it really does feel that this is one of the best music videos that Belau have released. But to be honest, all of them are incredible. Right from the opening aerial shots of Austrian forests and accented kit-checking close-ups of the explorer it feels insanely polished. And this isn’t just down to the fact it’s shot at a crisper than sight 60fps! Carrying an air of freedom, we have endless opportunities to both appreciate the stunning locations and become fascinated by beyond compare drone footage. Equally, with scenic transitions occurring at pace, motion blurs directing our focus and stalker-like tracking shots making us feel like we are within what we are viewing, it is a video that is just as transportive, if not even more so than the track itself.

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