Listen to Discover: Features Round Up: October 2020

‘With standout discoveries, new feature writers and industry collaborations, it’s been an incredible month.’

At the end of September I said I couldn’t wait to see what October would bring. And now I find myself wondering how November will live up to the delights of this month. As ever, the music featured has been vast with tracks ranging from folk, to rock, to electronic and everything in between. It really has been an eclectic mix. In addition to the regular content of reviews and interviews though – which have featured now permanent writer Harriet Heywood, as well as new guest writer Chloe Mogg – other features have been introduced. Further collaborating with Point Blank Music School, #PointBlankTalent will see the best student tracks featured, while the existing Track Deconstructions will continue to provide valuable insights to the best tracks. On top of this, the new Industry Articles section, which will feature news pieces and highlight of-the-moment hot topics has begun as well. 

Revisit all the coverage from October by clicking your chosen feature below. 

Track Reviews
I See Rivers: Grow and Go
Healthy Junkies: Last Day in L.A (Feature by Harriet Heywood)
Pete Josef: Giants
Teen Creeps: Seeing Shapes (Feature by Harriet Heywood)
Superbird: Operate
Speaker Face: Call Me Out (Guest Writer Chloe Mogg)
Vox Rea: Dose Me Up (Guest Writer Chloe Mogg)
Chay Snowdon: Tough Guys Die First (Feature by Harriet Heywood)
Harrison Scarecrow: Everyone with Someone

Artist Interviews
Behind the Music: Interview with EmberTree
Behind the Music: Interview with Phil Honey-Jones of Healthy Junkies (Feature by Harriet Heywood)
Behind the Music: Interview with Amarionette (Feature by Harriet Heywood)
Behind the Music: Interview with Pete Josef

Additional Features
Track Deconstruction: Point Blank Music School: Adamski ft Seal – Killer
Album Feature: Amarionette: Sunset On This Generation (Feature by Harriet Heywood)
Industry Article: Youth Music: Reshape Music

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