Track Review: Chay Snowdon: Tough Guys Die First

Delivering gnarly riffs, fuzzy chords and eclectic vocals, it never deviates from the ‘Tough Guy’ persona.’

Intro to Chay Snowdon
Taken from the band’s forthcoming EP ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’, Plymouth based quartet Chay Snowdon release their latest single ‘Tough Guys Die First’. Bringing their indie-rock sound to us once more, the band – consisting of Chay Snowdon (Guitar/Vocals), Jack Hawkins (Lead guitar), George Roach (Bass) and Luke Westwood (Drums) prove the success of What The Kids Want’, may well happen again. Previously receiving national and international radio plays from the likes of Steve Lamacq (BBC 6 Music), The New Rock Show (Planet Rock Radio) and SiriusXM, expect to hear ‘Tough Guys Die First’ powering through your speakers soon. 

Track Review: 
Centring on the tough guys of Hollywood, Chay’s fascination for the stereotypical ‘Bad guy’ character springboards the single into a chugging punch bag of sound. You really can’t say no to that gritty backbeat. Pulling you under and swimming through your head, not just vocalist Chay, but the whole band have you engaged hook, line and sinker.

Wave rolling bass, crashing drums and eclectic vocals shatter through every verse, making their mark. And they won’t stop replaying in your head all day. The jaunty earworm drizzles classic rock vocals over every gnarly riff and fuzzy chord change resulting in a relentlessly driven single. Appropriately, not once does it deviate from the ‘Tough guy’ character and given Chay’s influences, it’s not surprising.

I’ve always loved a good old Classic Movie’ says Chay, ‘It’s something that has always been a catalyst of inspiration for me, but I feel it really comes into its own in this tune.’ And it really does. Equally, in showcasing his love for classic Spaghetti Westerns, the combination of shrieking guitars and husky vocal power ensures this ode to the bad guys – as in those who always know what’s coming, but do it anyway – is truly captured.

Feature by Harriet Heywood

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