Guest Writer Track Review: Vox Rea: Dose Me Up

‘The most powerful track I’ve personally heard in a while, it’s melodically and melancholically beautiful.’

Track Review:
Formerly known as The Katherines, Vox Rea return with their first single in three years, and the first song under their new name. Written at home on their grandmother’s piano this time last year, there is a real poignancy to the creation of ‘Dose Me Up.’ However, in it being a spacious track – with real room to breathe throughout – it sounds poignant too and like it truly belongs to October.  Little wonder then that it’s progressed into a special sounding, goosebump sending, gently euphoric track. 

Addressing struggles with identity when walking into adulthood, the release feels relatable to us all. Additionally, it illuminates the musical maturity Vox Rea have and the individuality that streams through their sound. ‘Dose Me Up’ will easily become your daily dosage of soul soothing musicality, and as such, you’ll continuously need your fix of this addictive number.

Bathed in melancholic sensibilities, the single carries a memorable rhythm which sees it tantalisingly make its way into our hearts. Equally, in being armed with harmonies from Kate, Lauren and Kaitlyn, the huge vocal chemistry that Vox Rea are known for is on clear display. It is heartfelt and a subtly intense arrangement fuelled by a distinctive, alternative pop soundscape. The most powerful track I’ve personally heard in a while, ‘Dose Me Up’ is melodically beautiful. 

Feature by Guest Writer Chloe Mogg

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