Album Feature: Amarionette: Sunset On This Generation

‘Serving up a cocktail of synth-rock and boisterous melodies, there’s no sign of the musicality slowing down.’

Album Feature:
Splashing through the punk-infused riffs and bubble pop, Amarionette are riding a wave of crushing drums and chugging guitars in their latest album ‘Sunset On This Generation’. Having already gained over 1 million Spotify streams, Amarionette are so stoked to see such a huge reaction from fans who are now discovering their huge back catalogue of sound! 

Drinking in their latest cocktail of synth-rock and boisterous melodies, it’s easy to find yourself drunk on their gritty sound. So easy, that even an ongoing pandemic will struggle to put a stop to this huge pop-punk powerhouse. 

Although everyone is all too aware that the music industry has taken more than a punch or two from COVID-19, Amarionette have confirmed they have their feet planted firmly and won’t be moving anywhere. Fortunately for us, it [COVID-19] sped up the recording process and we were able to release the record quicker than anticipated. It would be nice to tour on it obviously, but there’s nothing we can do about it now.

Fortunately for us, although a tour may not be on the cards just yet, we have a whole sugar rush of new tracks to feed on and more. With this glowing new album and a couple of acoustic Instagram Live performances, it is amazing how busy the band has been working. Equally, whilst many of us ignored our lockdown fitness, hobbies, or work plans, Amarionette haven’t stopped. Infact in addition to the album, they’ve been working on even more post-pandemic plans! 

“We have about 10 instrumental demos written, but we’ll probably write around 10 more. We also anticipate another acoustic EP, a digital show and a cover track.” As I said, it appears nothing will stop them. If that potential future album is anything like ‘Sunset On This Generation’ we are certainly in for a treat, and very soon if they keep up their current pace!

Their smorgasbord of catchy tunes wrenches and comforts our hearts simultaneously, especially the band’s favourites ‘Forgot About Sad Dre’ and ‘Traumatize’. Both these grapple with a deep, mellow funk of sound that climbs every note like a vine, ultimately driving to bring the chorus home hard. 

Despite often being mistaken as a negative, according to the four-piece ‘Sunset On This Generation’ is meant to represent a positive and uplifting change. Exactly what we need right about now. However, while the album process was unorthodox, it was a ton of fun for the band and with such a diverse blend of genres and sounds coming into play, you can see why. Additionally, taking elements from everyone’s individual influences gives it that charismatic spin that plays to the meaning behind the band’s name.

Having the freedom to play and write whatever they want, Amarionette certainly prove they aren’t anyone’s puppets. And, with every track carrying pulsating dynamics and splashing each note with bittersweet chugs of harsh electricity, it’s clear there are no signs of the musicality slowing down. From what we have heard – both musically and personally – there is so much more to come, but in the meantime press play their latest album now.

Feature by Harriet Heywood

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