Track Review: Teen Creeps: Seeing Shapes

‘Armed to the teeth with fuzzy riffs, you’ll hope another equally tasty release arrives soon.’ 

Intro to Teen Creeps
Hailing from Belgium, 90’s inspired indie rock trio Teen Creeps release their newest track, Seeing Shapes. Giving us the first teaser of what we can expect from their forthcoming second album ‘Forever’ (out Jan 2021), it certainly generates a level of excitement for what the other tracks will offer. Equally, when you compare it to their 2018 extended release ‘Birthmarks’ it’s clear that while they still hold on to influences, much growth has occurred. However, while we may still be waiting just over two months to discover if this approach carries through the rest of the album, ‘Seeing Shapes’ wonderfully whets your appetite ahead of the trio fully lowering you into their musical bellies.

Track Review
Armed to the teeth with fuzzy riffs, the trio never falter and continually bring us a whole load of 90’s sensibility to kick back and bask in. Even when relishing in the sticky melancholic vocals of the track, it is easy to notice that there is a harsh electricity behind it. Taking on a life of their own, these elements individually crack through the single. However, working in a heady combination of frantic, fast paced-drumming and steely, domination-fuelled guitar riffs there is a great sense of energy. 

These, rather than damaging the quality of the track, roughen the edges enough to create an earthy, gritty-grunged-up alternative sound without overpowering the lyrical content. Given the alternations of driving rhythms, it would be easy for this to not be the case. But balancing this dominance with contrasting vocal settings, you can fully appreciate what is their catchiest, most sub-genre influenced single to date. Proving they know exactly what rocky spices entice us, Teen Creeps leave a trail of breadcrumbs that lead us to a place where you find yourself hoping another, equally tasty release arrives sometime soon.

Feature by Harriet Heywood.

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