Track Review: Healthy Junkies: Last Day in L.A

‘Like a shot of musical caffeine, you’re hit with an irresitable mix of fast-paced charisma and full-throttle energy.’

Intro to Healthy Junkies
After spending much time on the road touring, female-fronted band, Healthy Junkies, deliver their long-awaited new album ‘Forever On The Road’. Featuring the soundtrack of their Autumn 2018 USA tour, it captures in all its explosive psych-punk glory, the magnetic pull of the city of angels. Alongside the album, their latest single ‘Last Day in L.A.’ has already been very well received by fans, and works amazingly as a standalone track as well as the second track on what is an incredibly diverse 17-track release. Read more at: Behind the Music: Interview with Phil Honey-Jones of Healthy Junkies

Track Review
Sticking closely to the theme of the album, the ‘Last Day in L.A’ explores the love and hypnotic nature of a day well spent in a short but sweet way. It is a bubble gum sweet mix of new wave and psych-punk that recreates the constant summer chill vibes of L.A in a whirlwind of crashing drums and steel riffs. ‘Last Day in L.A’ is like a caffeine shot, jumpstarting straight into the playful melody, giving the immediate green light to the irresistible mix of fast-paced charisma and electricity.

Given the tempo, it is most certainly a track that’s worth a couple of listens as if you auditory  blink you’ll miss all the joys it beholds. This being said, that sense of incredible energy is perfect for the single, giving it that rush of life and positivity so commonly associated with LA. From the full-throttle reggae-esque off-beat rhythms to the propelling punk and grunge guitar licks it, much the album it is paired with pushes the boundaries of genre and fusing them together as one. Carrying a versatile sonic mix, ‘Last Day in L.A’ completely adds to the already distinctive nature of ‘Forever on the Road’ and illustrates the band’s tour and journey, in a truly authentic way. Give it a play or three now! 

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Behind the Music: Interview with Phil Honey-Jones of Healthy Junkies

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