Behind the Music: Interview with EmberTree

“We’re shocked by the support for our debut single. Especially as we only formed the week before!”

Describe your music in 5 words.
 Experimental, modern, genre-blending, raw, and real

Who is involved in the band and what does each member bring to the sound? There are 4 guys in the band. Lewis Clark (singer/songwriter, producer, and guitar), Joe Catling (songwriter/guitar and producer), Josh Overton (keys/guitar/producer) and Elijah Dawn (bassist and rap/songwriter). 

How did the name EmberTree come about? The name came about as there is a tree in the woods near where we live. We often had campfires, and hung out (socially distanced) because we were not allowed inside anywhere. We still go back to this spot as it’s where it all started and it gives us inspiration.

Who/what influences the lyrics within your music? Life experiences and humanity.  

Who else is involved in the creation of your music? We write, create and produce everything ourselves so no one else is involved! The tree in the woods could be though… Haha!

I read recently that you formed during lockdown. How did this formation come about? Individually we have made music ourselves and all been mates since school. We decided to combine all our skills and ideas and produce together to see what we could create. We met Elijah over Instagram – through similar interests in music and hobbies – and we decided to meet up and see if he wanted to be in the band. He’s also produced music himself and is a sick bass guitarist!

In your debut release ‘Chill Tomorrow’ there is such an amazing range of musical styles, yet they work together seamlessly. How did you achieve this and have you been surprise by the success it’s already had? We are all inspired by so many different genres of music, so we like to experiment when producing and know what sounds good so we can make it work. Honestly, we were shocked by the support especially as we had only formed the band the week before and just put the song out there with no real expectations.

Where is your go to place for creating new tracks? Mainly Josh’s or Elijah’s house but we all create and make stuff in our rooms and share ideas.

“Music is the one thing we are all passionate about and have a genuine interest in.”

How have the changes in restrictions affected the way you work as a band? Honestly, they haven’t as of yet as we didn’t know or have any experience of life in a band outside of lockdown. Our musical lockdown experience is our only experience.

Do you have any plans for live-stream gigs at all? Definitely in the future. We are currently looking for a drummer, but have thought about doing some acoustic stuff and having drum machines instead (with a bit more practice).

What are your musical plans for the next few months? Are there any other releases in the pipeline? Yes, we have a remix EP of our debut single which has just been released and a new single coming out shortly. We are also working towards releasing a full E.P and are in the studio currently. 

Why did you decide to have music in your lives? It’s the one thing that we are all passionate about and have a genuine interest in. Music also brings people together.

What’s the best way for people to keep up to date with you? Instagram is our main social page where you can find out all about us and our music but we are also on Facebook. Just click the links below to head there!

What is the most memorable gig you have been to and what made it so special? Loyle Carner at Ally Pally for Josh and Lewis. Sticky Fingers at Brixton for Joe – it was one of those gigs where it didn’t feel real. Everything about it was perfect. Future Islands for Elijah.

And finally… what 3 tracks/albums could you – either individually or as a band – happily listen to on repeat for the rest of your lives? Oh man, this one is really tough as we love all different types of music. Right….. Unknown Pleasures, Konichiwa by Skepta and Land of the Pleasure by Sticky Fingers. Or anything from the 1975! We know that’s four, but too many to choose from haha!

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