Listen to Discover: Features Round Up: September 2020

‘Highlighting a diverse range of new artists, September has been a great month for new music.

Building on the successful restart in August, September has seen such an incredible range of new music be released and the site head very back towards normality. I’m sure you’ll agree we at least need one thing ‘normal’ in our lives right now. The weekly playlist feature – #FridayFinds – has seen 55 new artists showcased, reviews have covered tracks from pop, rock, electronic and experimental genres, guest writer Harriet Heywood has produced four amazing pieces of coverage and after being in the pipeline for a while, the first collaboration feature with Point Blank Music School has arrived. What a month, I can’t wait to see what October brings.  

Revisit all the coverage for September by clicking your chosen feature below. 

Track Reviews:
Martha Gunn: Say When

TOYGIRL: Poison – Guest Writer Harriet Heywood
Savine: Never Compare
Ilona Mahieu: In My Bones – Guest Writer Harriet Heywood
Rowlette: Cucumber and Ice – Guest Writer Harriet Heywood
Eydis: Wonderland
Modern Guilt: Hoping For The Hoping – Guest Writer Harriet Heywood
B Bradshaw: Stuck

Additional Features
Track Deconstructions: Point Blank Music School: Björk – ‘Venus as a Boy’

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