Guest Writer Track Review: Rowlette: Cucumber & Ice

‘It’s a giddy bubble of earwormy hooks and sing-along summer vibes.’

Intro to Rowlette
Delivering her debut track – ‘Howling at the Moon’ – in 2018, Irish singer-songwriter Rowlette has since provided us with a set of contrasting releases that have given us a taster of her musical diversity. Undoubtedly sitting within the pop genre, with the majority of tracks guitar driven, 2020 has seen her bring intimacy with ‘Letters’ and showcase her vocal power in the beautiful acoustic sound of two-track release ‘Coffee Hill Sessions.’ Now though, with summer nearing its end, Rowlette returns with a pop anthem that encourages us to keep hold of it a little longer.  

Track Review by Harriet Heywood:
Working in a similar way to her 2019 release ‘Footprints on the Moon’, Rowlette’s latest track – ‘Cucumber & Ice’ – cranks up the catchy musicality to the max to form a giddy bubble of earwormy hooks and sing-along summer vibes. Fizzing with sweet champagne melodies, a guitar-driven backbeat and sprinkles of percussion, the single pours into your ears like rays of sunshine that smiling, singing and dancing along in no time. Equally, in it being driven by the peachy rush of vocals, it serves up a celebration of friendship and love in one huge blast of serotonin. 

Working her voice so effortlessly through both higher and lower notes, Rowlette brings genuine warmth and authenticity to the lyrics, not least the title-led chorus. This, when paired with the already uplifting instrumental, radiates the summer driving vibes that we need with the balmy temperatures and late sun we’re having right now. Likewise, with an array of vocal flutters as beautiful as clear blue skies, each phrase navigates their way through your speakers in a way that’s laidback, blooms with indie-pop excitement and serves up swathes of summer warmth.

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