Track Review: Savine: Never Compare

‘The abundance of classy musicality perfectly demonstrates the stylistic understanding that underpins Savine’s music.’

Re-intro to Savine
Offering a mass of musical beauty with her previous track ‘One Woman Show’, merely discovering that Savine was soon to release new music was enough to be excited about in itself. However, hearing her latest track ‘Never Compare’ for the first time made that sensation even greater and further enforce my belief that more people should discover her. Taking the nostalgia of that previous release, putting it in the classiest setting you can imagine and wrapping it up in an abundance of accomplished musicality, the result is something that stylishly reflects the whole intention of the track. That intention? Well, in the words of Savine herself: “The track is about every person being unique, registering the ups and down and ultimately, embracing who you are!” 

Track Review
Opening with a timeless sounding, instrumental introduction, this follow up release to the impassioned romanticism of ‘One Woman Show’ instantly captivates just as much. Setting the mood as well as the tempo for what is to come, it’s a sound that sits perfectly between the atmosphere of that track and her debut ‘Makes Me Feel’. This time though, rather than building gradually like both of those, this one delivers an established sound almost immediately and in doing so, the seamless transition into the initial, reflection centred verse is achieved with sophistication.

Emerging from its setting, the opening vocals that Savine gives us work wonderfully with their surroundings. Formed of gentle, vibrato affected electric piano, 50’s-esque guitar and mid-tempo shuffle style drums, it’s an accompaniment that feels so wonderfully vintage that you fully buy into it. However, truly adding to the authenticity of this, the tone that Savine delivers is one that feels as classy as can be. Bluesy and carrying real warmth, it’s the sort of tone that if you had to describe the perfect one for the track, you would describe exactly what you’re hearing. 

Maintaining the same sensations as we’ve experienced, on reaching the chorus the sound lifts in an incredibly stylish way both vocally and instrumentally. Reserved initially, the previous half-time chords switch to occur throughout and in doing so a great sense of momentum is generated. Doing likewise – though more subtly – distant organ gently transforms to feature a mix of fading harmonies and touchingly played fragment melodies while harmonic horns make creep in too. Combined with the hook led lyricism, the message is clear and working so successfully, it not only proves just how stylish the track itself is, but the level of stylistic understanding that underpins all of Savine’s music.

Building on these understated musical nods, progressing through the ensuing verse content we are continually greeted by a wealth of melodic, rhythmic and textural enhancements. Initially absent at the start, the horns that were creeping around in the background now become key to the whole atmosphere. Interlocking with lines such as ‘Someday I know you’ll be fine, and that’s what I’ll keep in the back of my mind’ they increasingly swoon making us realise that the classiness of earlier was only a taster of things to come.

Developing this further, while the underlying accompaniment does its best to draw our attention away from the vocals, it, delightfully, never achieves this. This isn’t because we want to be taken away from the wonderous, unexpected jazz guitar interludes or the aforementioned elements though. Far from it. It’s delightful because Savine’s vocal is exactly that. And, having gone on a transformational journey from the more reserved beginnings, we find ourselves travelling through a mass of soaring, soulful vocals accompanied in the most glorious way. 

Showcasing this wonderfully, as we head through these contrasting sections, the lyricism takes on an even more reflective form. This isn’t reflection that’s full of wallow though. Instead, lines such as ‘It’s the world we’re living in, that makes you uncomfortable in your own skin’ and ‘Your the director of your own play’ see Savine balance soft, yet determination-edged tones with sublime vocal dexterity. Generating a level of connection unmatched anywhere else, it really is a moment that hits you between the eyes. There are however plenty of moments that come near to surpassing it. 

Enhancing the connection experienced just now, the reserved sophistication becomes a luscious and indulgent version of its former self. Completely transforming, melodic motifs interject between vocal phrases, harmonic horns accent in all the right places – and in exactly the right way – and countless rhythmic guitar chords interlock with each other. It is, in short the most perfect accompaniment to the timeless nature of Savine’s heavenly expressive, vintage sounding vocals. Therefore, it’s an added bonus when, with us reaching the conclusion, we get to experience these foundations in their full glory. 

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