Guest Writer Track Review: TOYGIRL: Poison

‘With haunting emotion that drowns every nook and cranny of your heart and soul, it’s a wholly immersive listening experience.’

Track Review by Harriet Heywood:
Featuring on Listen to Discover for a third time, TOYGIRL return again with their new, bittersweet belter of a single ‘Poison.’ Like both previously featured tracks (Reign and Moonlight Velvet), TOYGIRL are once more releasing their beautifully slicked back vocals and meandering tempo for all to discover. However this one, a track that’s filled with haunting emotion that drowns every nook and cranny of your heart and soul, takes those alluring elements a step further to become wholly immersive. This being said, there is also a real purity to the track which makes it shine high above the others.

Be it the ethereally echoing backing harmonies that adorn Hannah’s main vocals, or the culminating power of swooning electric guitar lines spiralling through a mass of atmospheric textures and pounding drums, ‘Poison’ constantly has raw emotion resonating underneath. Possessing and commanding every note with perfect clarity, TOYGIRL teeter on the edge of being both otherworldly and cathartic, which combined together create a musical ode fitting to the track. Like a snake charmer working deftly with a serpent, you, the listener find yourself hanging on to every emotionally tinged note, every harmonic shift and every caressing whisper that is woven through the single with astounding strength and fluidity.

So beautifully crafted and bubbling along in a cadence so perfect, ‘Poison’ will pull you along, keep you engaged and make you truly invested without even realising. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next but for now, let the sweet ‘Poison’ wash over you.

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