Guest Writer Track Review: Bryony Williams: Knockin’

‘Carrying an air of attitude and musical prowess that can’t be punctured, you’ll be belting along in no time.’

Intro to Bryony Williams
In the follow up release to ‘I Can Be’, Wolverhampton singer-songwriter Bryony Williams comes ‘Knockin on our door’ to deliver her latest single. Previewing the forthcoming EP from where both tracks are taken, it sees her musically side step through the inclusion of, in her words ‘a new level of instrumental aggression’ while stepping up a sound that was established already. Play any of Bryony’s tracks in sequence – let’s say the ever changing ‘Honey’ and the beautifully growing ‘Little Tree’ – and you’d be hard pushed to tell which one came out earlier. Press shuffle on them all and it becomes near impossible. Sure there are elements of greater innocence here and greater confidence there, but rather than serve as giveaways to when tracks were written, they highlight Bryony’s knack for generating the right musical sensations at the right times. It’s little surprise then that she’s not only been championed by BBC Introducing, but caught the ears of Spotify Editorial and Radio 6’s Tom Robinson as well. 

Track Review:
Taken from her upcoming EP ‘State I’m In’ (out Oct. 30th 2020 via Beth Shalom Records), Bryony Williams’ latest single ‘Knockin’ doesn’t meander or falter once. Instead, it constantly gives way to the infectious pull of the backbeat and breathes life into the progressive purr of the lyrics. Showcasing her brilliant vocals, Bryony coats the track with a bluesy sugar rush of genres which meet every crack and guitar strum with an undeniable level of track-fitting confidence and assertion. 

From each perfectly calibrated note and twang, to the way Bryony controls her voice with ease through both swaggered drawl and a softer ethereal vocalise phrases, ‘Knockin’ carries an air of attitude and musical prowess that can’t be punctured. Together, it’s the brightly shining, perfectly effortless mix of flare-filled indie pop and rousing rock. In short, ‘Knockin’ is a classic walking like a badass track, with all the backbeats and twangs to get you strutting around and belting along in no time!

‘Knockin’ is out today via Beth Shalom Records.

Intro by Listen to Discover.
Track Review by Harriet Heywood.

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