The Motivational Discoveries Spotify Playlist

‘Expect tracks filled with power and high energy to give you the boost you need.’

Preview the tracks added to The Motivational Discoveries Playlist in 2020 so far here and then head over to the main playlist at Listen to Discover’s Spotify to hear them in full. Already chosen a favourite? Click your chosen track below to go directly to it.

Charlotte OC: Freedom
Glass Violet: Over the Moor
Jodie Abacus: Don’t Take It Personal
Joe Turner: Crystal Clear
Josh Vine: How Many Times
Martha Gunn: It’s 
MoonBee: Invincible
Only August: The Rain
Patawawa: Adadadadeya
Plastic Mermaids & AK/DK: Taxonomy – AK/DK Remix
Rews: Today We’re Warriors
Superbird: Marion
Thrillhouse: One of the Days
The Treble: All The People
True Tides: Survive
Vistas: 15 Years


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