The Feel Good Discoveries Spotify Playlist

‘Expect tracks that will put a smile on your face and make your day much better.’

Preview the tracks added to The Feel Good Discoveries Playlist in 2020 so far here and then head over to the main playlist at Listen to Discover’s Spotify to hear them in full. Already chosen a favourite? Click your chosen track below to go directly to it.

Alfie Templeman: Happiness in Liquid Form
Avi on Fire: Hedonistic Disco
Chemical Dreams & John Orpheus: Look To The Moon
Family of Things: YKB
Georgia and the Vintage Youth: Overthinker
Jack Howard: Love Strong
Joe Killington: Painkiller
Jordan Mackampa: Magic
Orielles: Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)
Patawawa: Adadadadeya
Raf Rundell: Monsterpiece 
Rayowa: Chance
Tony McHugh: Concrete Noun
The Tribe of Good: Siren Song
Winnie and the Rockettes: Shake

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