The Chilled Discoveries Spotify Playlist

‘Expect tracks that give you the opportunity for a few minutes breather in your day.’

Preview the tracks added to The Chilled Discoveries Playlist in 2020 so far here and then head over to the main playlist at Listen to Discover’s Spotify to hear them in full. Already chosen a favourite? Click your chosen track below to go directly to it.

Aaron Taylor: Flowers
Arjuna Oakes: Cautionary Tale
Bibio: Oakmoss
Brién: Mr Sunshine
Bryony Jarman-Pinto: Emerge
Carrie Baxter: Forbidden
Chloe Bodur: Lovely Lonely
Cleo Sol: Rose in the Dark
Dana Gavanski: I Talk to the Wind
EDBL ft Taura: Nostalgia
EmberTree: Chill Tomorrow
Erez Zobary: Summer
Isaac Waddington: Other Way
KAHLLA: In The Morning
Kyler Tapscott: Fire
Liam Bailey: Please Love Me Again
Little Dragon: Where You Belong
Lo: Floating
Mamas Gun: This Is the Day
Marie Dahlstrom: Home With You
Mathilda Homer: Too Much
Maya Delilah: U R U
Maya Law: Tired
Meggie Lennon: Mind Games
Patricia Lalor: Sleep Talk
Pip Millett: June
Reliably Bad: Phone
Saint Sister: Dynamite
Sipprell: Bad History
Submotion Orchestra: Blend
TOYGIRL: Moonlight Velvet
Uma: Mockingbird
Yakul: Streetlight
Yazmin Lacey: Not Today Mate
Yumi Zouma: Southwark

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