Listen to Discover’s 12 Big Questions: Question One

‘Why are there such big differences between listening figures and follower numbers?’

To kick off this new monthly feature, I’m posing a question that I’m certain every new artist has wondered at times: Just why are my listening figures and follower numbers so different from each other? This is indeed something that I have thought about every time I’ve discovered an artist who is surprisingly under-supported or surprisingly underplayed. And there are many examples I could give to highlight the point. However, while I won’t name the artists, here are two real case scenarios:

Artist A: Only 1 track released to date. Roughly 1000 followers. Roughly 8000 monthly listeners.
Artist B: Multiple singles, an EP and a full album released to date. Roughly 60,000 followers. Roughly 3000 monthly listeners.

Are the followers of Artist A simply binge-listening? Are the 60,000 apparent fans of Artist B rarely listening to their music? Or are those who are listening to them fans who could, in fact, make those follower numbers even higher? Given the many possibilities, this may indeed be a question for which there is no clear answer or solution. But that is perfectly fine as it will create healthy discussion. Whatever the reason is though, discovering ways to increase artist interest from both the listener and the follower side could very well be key to the level of success they have.

So, if you’re an artist who has figures which are closer than these, have ideas of how figures can become more equal or have successfully converted your listeners into followers (and visa versa), you are the perfect person to get involved this month. So what are you waiting for?

New to this feature? See below to find out how you can join the discussion:

  1. View the question for the month, which will be pinned to the top of Listen to Discover’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Comment directly on the pinned post with your thoughts, include the #12bigquestions tag, and @ those you feel may also benefit
  3. Retweet and/or share the question among your own followers and encourage them to do the same.
  4. Check back every so often during the month to see what you’re missing out on and hopefully find ways to help you become even more successful.

Additionally, at the start of each month a brief post like this one will explain why I feel the question is of importance, and at the end of the month, a round-up post will summarise the key points and key advice from the discussion. For this, it would also be great to have some of you share your thoughts at length (circa 100 words) so if you would like to do this, please email them to me here with the subject line: Contribution for Listen to Discover’s 12 Big Questions.

So I now invite you the artist, you the PR company, you the artist manager and you the venue – in fact, you, the person that is involved in the music industry in any way – to join the discussion. The first discussion has just started.

David Croker
Founder of Listen to Discover

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