Top Gigs of 2019

‘Live music should always generate unique moments, and these gigs delivered them in abundance.’ 

In a year which saw Listen to Discover provide full-on gig coverage, these 5 truly stood out from the crowd. Gigs in order of when they took place and were reviewed.

MALMØ: Secret London House Show
Truth be told, when I initially featured MALMØ last year it never crossed my mind that I would ever get the chance to see them live. Let alone in the intimate house setting near Highbury and Islington. It seemed though, as everyone arrived that we were all there for that very reason. A chance to witness some very special musicality and after numerous handshakes and introductions, it felt like it would more than live up to expectation. [continue reading here]

Chasing Deer: O2 Academy Islington
Called to the stage, a cheer erupted and heading straight into the lead track from their ‘Hand’s On’ album, the accented beginning of ‘Another World’ saw the trio burst into life. As did their dancers! Yes, dancers! As ever, the synchronised moves from Rob and Peter were on point, but backed by three female dancers in the form of Georgia, Amiee and Anna, the whole stage burst into life just as much the music itself. While this alone was a great addition, and gave them even more stage presence – not that they needed it – there was another reason. One that went beyond that. [continue reading here]

The September Session: O2 Academy2 Islington ft: Olli Ingall, Lonnie Storey, History & Lore and Talkboy
Launching what was to become a monthly event featuring new artists at the O2 Academy2 Islington, The September Session (11th September 2019) gave an incredible start these regular showcases. Promoted by Joe Davies of Academy Events, these gigs aim to give artists who are trying to break through a dedicated evening to do what they do best: perform an abundance of great tracks to enthusiastic gig-goers. And as it turned out, The September Session proved to be exactly this. [continue reading here]

Plastic Mermaids: Scala
Sending tingles everywhere, the soaring guitar lines, synth chords and effect-filled vocals of the main band combined with violin set countermelodies, female-centred choir style harmonies, brass centred accents, and synchronised theatrical lighting. To say it was incredible just doesn’t even begin to do it justice. Phenomenal comes closer. It was the kind of sensation that you wish every gig would give you. However, with the levels touching insane, you easily forgot this was just the opener. What you couldn’t forget though from the moment you saw it was the sheer joy Plastic Mermaids gave off as they performed. [continue reading here]

The Ashton Jones Project: Cambridge Junction
Ever since discovering The Ashton Jones Project‘s incredible sound earlier this year I have wanted to see them live. And, if you’ve heard them you probably know exactly what I mean. It’s like you can just tell how much fun they are having – even in a studio – and making that come across in a recording is no mean feat. Of course, like any band or artist who generates a strength of impression to that degree, the best experience is sure to be the live one. So, with them heading up the start of Cambridge Jazz Festival 2019 (15th Nov.) it was a chance too good to miss. [continue reading here]

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