Behind the Music: Interview with TOUCAN

‘I have always known that music would play such a big part in my life.’

Describe your music style in no more than 5 words: Some music that is grand!
Who or what influences your music? It’s mostly love and romance but in a way that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I think when I was a teenager I had this really blind optimism for life and it’s one of the feelings or outlooks that I try to stay rooted in to some extent. I think a lot of my music chases that feeling or atmosphere of ‘what a day!’
Who is involved in TOUCAN and how did the name come about? There are a LOT of people involved in TOUCAN at this stage. It came about when I was writing a lot of songs in college and while I was studying music at the time, I entered a battle of the bands. I was a solo singer/songwriter so I had to get a band. Two friends of mine played keys and drums on the songs and we did pretty well. We ended up losing, but we weren’t really affected by it and decided to keep doing it! Since then the band has been snowballing into having more members, and we’re at a pretty hefty nine or ten people on stage now. The name was just planted in my brain, it was always what I wanted it to be called!
What does a TOUCAN recording session normally involve? There are four main ingredients: a lot of laughing, a lot of coffee, a lot of playing and a sprinkle of keeping to schedule.
The sound of ‘Gold’ on your self titled EP feels much more dramatic – cinematic even – than your other releases. Was this a conscious decision to say something different in your music and is there anything else like it in the pipeline? It definitely is! It wasn’t a conscious decision to be honest, it was just one of the strongest songs I had written at the time and still is. I was listening to a lot of darker, bluesier stuff at the time and that’s what came out. I’ve not been in that mindset for a while now and I’m working on a lot more pop stuff and semi-electronic stuff. However, my listening always loops around so it’s just a matter of time until I’m mad into that vibe again.
What’s the biggest blessing or curse about working with so many other musicians? Blessing: I learn so much from them all the time. Curse: organising literally anything.
Who haven’t you worked with yet but would absolutely love to? Hmmm. I reckon a Stevie Wonder collaboration would result in a banger or two!
There is a real sense of fun to your lyricism while still telling a real story. How do you go about balancing the two? Thanks! I’m not really sure it’s just something that tends to come through without me even meaning to!

‘I normally just have a gut feeling about when a track is completely finished!’

Do you have any further releases or live shows planned for 2019/2020? A metric tonne! You can find everything on our socials as we announce them! Instagram is my app of choice so they mostly appear there first. See below for the links to these.
Who are the three artists in your genre that everyone should know about and why? Hmm that’s a tough one. I’m not sure that we’re that close to these artists but in a vague sense – Vulfpeck, Jungle and HAIM. They’re three massive inspirations for me.
When did you first realise music would play a big part in your life? Honestly, it was from day one. I was singing into a brush on the sitting room couch from the age of 3. So maybe not day one then, let’s say age 3.
All your tracks prove you have a huge amount of stylistic creativity.Do you ever struggle with knowing when you’ve said everything you want a track to say?Ah cheers man. Hmm. I don’t think I give that too much thought to be honest. I think I normally just have a gut feeling when something is finished!
What has been the biggest learning curve of your career to date? Hmmm… that’s a hard one. I think the biggest learning curve has been working to strict deadlines.
Do any of you have other creative talents and if so do they influence your music in any way? Everyone in the band has loads of stuff that they do outside of the band. We have a bunch of songwriters, percussionists, jazz pianists, folk singers, composers and a playwright. I think any form of creativity will bleed into the next so everyone brings a wider scope of thinking into their playing.
And finally… you can perform anywhere you like and to anyone – past or present. Where’s the venue and who is in your audience? It’s been a dream of mine to headline picnic ever since I went first in 2013. To finish out the Saturday there would be amazing.
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