Behind the Music: Interview with Mattia Cupelli

‘I like to break rules and create a new sound that defines me in the industry.’

Describe your music style in no more than 5 words: Present and past in circle.

Where are you from/where are you based? I’m based in Rome, Italy.

What instruments do you play? I was born as a guitarist, playing anything from classical to electric. I’m also a pianist, but not so good. And of course, all kinds of synths.

Who/what influences your tracks? I’m highly influenced by other musicians as Nicolas Jaar and Nils Frahm. I love their sound design and original musical ideas.

Other than yourself, who else is involved in creating your tracks? For now, I have full control of all my music, from production to mixing and mastering.

Even from your early releases (Sparks 2014) there is a sense of drama. Is this an extension or contrast to your own personality? I don’t know. Sometimes maybe I just need to put strength and emotion on my music and in my opinion the dramatic tone is one of the best ones. Also, early in my musical career I made a lot of orchestral and soundtrack music. I think this gives some drama vibes to my actual music too.

I imagine that creating instrumental music is quite different to song-writing. How does your creative process work? My music starts from the pure sounds then I think about musical structure. To me, sound is the most important part of my music so I start to layer some ideas, until it doesn’t makes sense in my point of view.

What is the aim of your music and do you think you have achieved it yet? I’d like to break rules with my music, create a new sound that defines me in the industry, and I’m aiming to create it project after project.

What does a Mattia Cupelli recording session look like? It’s not really that interesting. I just switch on all my synths and try several ideas until I get the one I have in my mind.

What do you listen to when you’re not composing or recording? I listen to a lot of different genres, from classical to all weird electronic stuff, from rock/metal to A/V installation music. I think that helps my creativity listening and analyse different genres.

What can we expect from your forthcoming album, Underneath? “UNDERNEATH” will be the end of an era and the start of a new one for my music. Expect the last “Neo-Classical” Mattia Cupelli and the new one into the electronic world.

What is your first musical based memory? It’s weird but I think that is some AMV (anime music video) from 2000’s with Linkin Park music. And also some OST for video games from my childhood.

How different would your life be if music didn’t feature? Completely. I have always been interested in movies, so maybe I would have been a Director. I think.

Given the heavily atmospheric nature of your tracks, have any of them been used in way that surprised you? Not that I know of. Just a few short film usage, nothing too original.

And finally… You are contacted and offered your dream commission for music. Who has contacted you and what is it for? I hope, but it still hasn’t happened. I dream to score a big video game or a Blockbuster film from Hollywood. But, I think with my future style it will be more difficult.

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