Track Review: Emma Elisabeth: I’d Be Lying

‘Countless musical nods to Emma’s inspiration make it sound completely authentic.’ 

Intro to Emma Elisabeth:
Giving us her debut EP ‘We Gotta Talk’ back in 2017 it was clear that Swedish singer-songwriter-producer
Emma Elisabeth was determined to stand out from the crowd. And, encapsulating a sound that’s current while shouting of influences such as Fleetwood Mac, this is most definitely the case. Additionally, each of her tracks prove that we should maybe expect more from ‘pop music’ than we regularly get served. Proving this to still be the case, 2019 has already seen Emma release live recordings alongside studio counterparts, however it’s on hearing the latest track ahead of her album release ‘Melancholic Milkshake’ (out 21st June) that our auditory appetite is fully whetted.

Track Review:
Capturing a time-shattering sound within seconds, dominant bass and finger-squeak filled electric guitar combine and take us to a sound reminiscent of 70’s pop-folk-rock greats. Produced in such a way, it feels completely authentic and like it belongs in the archives. However, ensuring that we are fully time-transported, idiomatic drum rhythms emerge to take us right back.

Ensuring that the sound remains that way, the initial lyrics of ‘Is it too soon.. to find out what I’m looking for?’ are projected in a way that truly showcases Emma’s tone. It’s certainly warm, and has a real softness but, in controlling a background rasp to perfection, it also feels unique yet familiar at the same time. Meanwhile, as we move through the initial verse, the instrumental elements create a gentle, stylish, rim-shot infused sound. However, while there is an air of relaxation, this is to change.

Subtly shifting to become more purposeful – but remaining just as beautiful –  reaching the pre-chorus, the warmth within Emma’s vocal gets enhanced by decade-nodding harmonies. Completely reflecting the previous era, it’s hard to imagine that it’s been written just this year. Likewise, a myriad of guitar lines begin to soar through and become increasing apparent within the chorus itself. Bringing musical and literal growth it really is a treat for the ears.

Returning to the more restrained sound, the contrasts apparent within the earlier parts of the track are emphasised. Having just heard a complex, but incredibly successful succession of gap-filling echoing vocals, the sparseness of the verse lyrics is fully brought to our attention. However, as much as these standout for all the right reasons, so do the welcome additions of synths and more picked guitar which wonderfully showcase the other elements of Emma’s musicality.

With the track never hinting at leaving it’s inspiration, the latter parts see our focus shifting between the strength of the lyricism and the setting they are in. Removing the more powerful instrumental lines, the title based lyrics of ‘I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you to stay’ ring around our ears. In fact they do so much that long after you’ve stopped listening, they will still be there. However, in demonstrating her skilful songwriting for a final time, Emma hands the strength back to the accompanying features allowing them to showcased just as much.

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