Track Review: HunBjørn: Who Are We To Love

‘Cinematic soundscapes and reflective lyricism delivers a completely absorbing wake up call.’

Intro to HunBjørn:
Since having her first encounter with music as a young child via a family friends accordion, Danish artist Ulla
Phill – better known as HunBjørn – has come a long way. Releasing a plethora of evocative tracks in 2018, namely her stunning debut single ‘A Flutter of the Heart’ and her debut EP ‘In Vacuo’, 2019 sees her return with the first in a set of tracks scheduled for this year. Giving us her most stirring sound to date, ‘Who Are We To Love’ showcases Ulla’s thoughtfully produced musicality and takes her trend of setting reflection encouraging lyricism to the next level. Read more at: Behind the Music: Interview with HunBjørn.

Track Review:
Making us feel like we are venturing into the ocean, deep sustained synths set us out on a question-encouraging journey. Instantly our attention is gained and with the emergence of panning and rhythmically echoing high-pitched synths, it quickly takes on a cinematically rhythmical nature. Truly wonderful both texturally and compositionally, it makes the perfect setting for Ulla’s initial vocals to come through.

Delivering the opening line ofDon’t talk forgiveness to the body’ we immediately know that the track has a message within and set in a vocoder affected way, it blends the musicality and the lyricism perfectly. Likewise, on reaching the initial appearance of the chorus the sense of seamless blending is strengthened to an extent that is beyond impressive. Led by Ulla’s vocal, but swiftly joined by embellished, chord based sequences and drum patterns, the transition into the the chorus takes us from the slightly restrained sound to one that’s dreamy, if not magical.

Developing from the subject of the first, the second verse pushes the theme further with stand out lyricism including the line ‘time to forget our selves.’ No longer is it about thoughts. It’s about instructions. An encouragement to do exactly that: Consider what are we doing to rectify a situation which may – most probably will – get worse if we don’t. Driving the very centre of the track and shamelessly including the carbon footprint on the tracks image, you really do feel it’s time to take notice. But, if you haven’t to this point, the combination of spine-tingling atmospherics and the recurring, statement vs question title based lyricism when the chorus resurges should do the trick.

“And you see me run
And you see me loose it
And our covers blown away
And we wait for others to make the change”

Bringing a change within the track and reintroducing us to the dramatic musicality which runs through Ulla’s music, following the second, overwhelming chorus, the texture weakens to give more prominence to the message. Replacing what has been, with a more exposed vocal set to thudding heartbeat-like rhythms, the subliminal inference of it affecting life – our own, Ulla’s, her forthcoming child’s and indeed everyones – really pushes home. However, in an effort to push it even further, the track builds once more, in an equally seamless way to earlier.

Musically surging, the sound encourages us to gently float up from the ocean floor. Aiming once more to change our opinions, at the perfect moment soaring synths hurl us through the breaking waves and turn our thoughtful pondering, into a completely absorbing wake up call. Filled with evocative textures, it’s a closing soundscape that’s dramatic and musically magical in every way.

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