Track Review: DOMI: Let Me Follow

‘The trippy rhythms and entrancing vocals make you want to follow DOMI.’

Intro to DOMI:
When bands include members from different backgrounds and countries as wide ranging as Norway and the USA, it can lead to two possible results. One, their music sounds like a mess and ideas seem more than a little off or two, it comes together so incredibly well that you would never know the breath of influences. In the case of DOMI it is of course the latter. Combining elements from Norwegian pop and British electronic music with Dominika Hasek’s soaring vocals and experimental textures, DOMI’s debut track ‘Let Me Follow’ leaves us to it interpret it how we wish and
makes us want more. Read more at: Behind the Music: Interview with DOMI

Track Review:
Rhythmical, unsettling and effortlessly creative are just three ways to describe the initial seconds of DOMI’s debut track. Panning around you, the tapping makes you feel like you are being attacked – musically – by a woodpecker intent on getting right into your head. It’s no surprise then that this, combined with the mid to high-pitched bass line achieves exactly that. It does indeed get stuck into it and emphasising the atmosphere further, the lack of full bass frequencies make it a sound that is as unexpected as it is anticipation filled.

With the atmosphere set, Dominika’s vocal enters and while half whispered to begin, the quickly evolving nature contrasts wonderfully with its restrained yet relentless accompaniment. Initially stating the line of ‘Underneath it all, behind these closed doors I’m not safe’ the entrancing tone draws you in and makes you pay full attention. So much attention in fact that you only realise just how effective the sample led backing, featuring door lock and key jangling-esque sounds actually is.

Moving into the pre-chorus, this showcase soundscape switches to reveal a sudden reduction of the previously growing textures. Cleverly turning out attention back to the vocal before a resurgence takes hold, it gives contrast in the most wonderful of forms and takes us into the full chorus. And what a chorus it is. Built on earwormy title led lyrics and delivering what is sure to become one of DOMI’s trademarks, the semi-controlled, rave-esque sound means you aren’t sure whether to move at great pace or half-time. It is, like the lyricism, incredibly open to interpretation.

Transitioning through the ever evolving sound of the second verse, the trippy, rhythmically infectious sense of the beat moves increasingly to the fore. Leading us to further experience the track in our own way, the more harmonic content – that found within the palm-muted guitar lines – allow for both space and purpose to emerge. However, while this in addition to the seamless way in which electric kit is replaced by acoustic gives us more than enough interest, Dominika’s vocal delivers many stand out moments.

Giving us a taster of what is to follow, the line of ‘We’ll always be in their sight’ is heard in full and then chopped up with echo and fade applied. Switching as quickly as it does, it catches you out and suddenly the rave-esque sound speaks to you on a more personal level. However, once again opening up the interpretation, depending on how you listen you may or may not experience the change in connection. Either way, it doesn’t detract from the sound which is about to absorb you even more.

Being somewhat ambiguous to this point, the final moments of the track offer up some clarity and indeed hint at the experience we may wish to have. Bringing us a resurgence in sound following a few seconds of calm, a build up equal in anticipation to the opening takes us to an incredibly fitting climax: A sound that’s filled with soaring vocals, recurring lyricism and rave-inducing rhythms to the extent that you want to follow DOMI wherever they go.

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