Track Review: Alice Pisano: Lost You in the Crowd

‘Never sounding too crowded, it’s restrained, meaningful and beautifully written.’

Intro to Alice Pisano:
Following the ever-growing success of her 2018 release ‘Celebrate Life’ – a track which has just this week hit the 1 million streams milestone – singer-songwriter Alice Pisano brings us the most perfect of follow up tracks. Driven by deeply meaningful lyricism, ‘Lost You in the Crowd’ showcases Alice’s accomplished musicality and leaves us touched by every note.

Track Review:
Chiming like tolling bells, the emergence of chord based piano sets the tone of the track. A sense of reflection. A sense of truthfulness. Likewise, the entry of Alice’s initial vocal line of ‘We can stay up all night’ with its light reverb brings warmth to her soft honesty filled vocal. While restrained to begin with, the hints of growth which are to follow make their way to the fore and lead us wonderfully to the pre chorus and the chorus itself.

Opening with the melismatically set line of ‘Where is your heart?’ inferred messages are brought to what could essentially be just one word. However, this along with the rising pitch gives that very word – that of ‘Where?’ – meaning and intent. Where is it heading? Is Alice trying to find something, or indeed someone? Given the track’s title, the latter is most likely but either way, it’s incredibly beautiful.

Heading into and through the second verse, the growth hinted at continues to push more towards the fore. Growing in instrumentation, delicately picked electric guitar lines combine with the increasingly apparent passing note filled bass line. Demonstrating true understanding of highly effective songwriting, there is no sense of the track becoming too crowded or containing too little. Far from it in fact.

Proving this point perfectly, the second rendition of the chorus allows the air of soaring self-confidence to really blossom. Joining the existing elements of the track, relatively dominant acoustic guitar takes on the piano led harmonic progressions. Like the earlier lyricism though, the dominance is inferred through the rhythmic strumming pattern. Indeed the space between is now gone, but that space is now filled with something even better.

Having given us the expected format of verse-chorus until now, subtle changes follow in the form of the modulated bridge. Containing, if only for a few moments no lyrical content, we get a chance to experience an increasingly dramatic version what has been accompanying the vocal lines the whole time. Hearing it alone, and then alongside the question filled lyrics soon after, the combination of this with Alice’s soothing tone gives us the penultimate evidence her skilful musicality. For the final proof though, you’ll just have to go and listen.

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