Track Review: The Sunset Beach Hut: Bury

‘Ear-burrowing riffs, connective lyricism and swirling musicality make it a showcase track.’

Intro to The Sunset Beach Hut:
When you think of things associated with rural Shropshire, beaches and infectious music are probably
not even in your top 10. However, aiming to prove why both should be, Baschurch based trio ‘The Sunset Beach Hut’ – comprised of Benjamin Thomas, Matty George and Aphra Smith offer up a strong, incredibly musical case. Filled with the connective lyricism of their BBC Introducing backed ‘Comfort’ and the hook driven sound of ‘Upside-Down,’ ‘Bury’ proves that their showcase musicality is only going to get even stronger. Read much more at: Behind the Music: Interview with The Sunset Beach Hut

Track Review:
Instantly capturing a feel that balances purpose and relaxation, the introduction to ‘Bury’ draws you in from the very first note. Led by the driving nature of the drums and enhanced by their place in the mix, there is no doubting that The Sunset Beach Hut’s musical decisions are just as important as production based ones. Meanwhile, sitting delicately among it, a collection of riffs appropriately bury their way into your head. As opening’s go, it sets the standard high and as we move into the initial verse, it gets even higher.

With the accompanying elements firmly set, the first vocal entry ensures that we remain fully engaged. Bringing both softness and warmth to the lyrics of ‘We’ve got a long way to go’ Aphra’s vocal speaks to us in a beautifully balanced way. Likewise, the call and response nature of the gently evolving riffs between these vocal phrases gives the instrumental elements space to be heard. Feeling light and confidently joyous, it’s a wonderful sound. However, the flowing atmosphere is about to be interrupted. Fear not though, it’s equally wonderful.

Setting up the first of two main changes within the track, the pre-chorus sees the delicate riffs replaced by a half-time, breakdown style atmosphere. Now comprised of electronic drums, heavily processed vocals and synth led progressions, it, on it’s own could come from another track. However, in a further nod to the production quality, as well as the incredible level of musical decision making, it forms the perfect contrast to the preceding verse and the following chorus.

Reaching here, with the style established, it would easy – and highly acceptable – to essentially re-run the track to this point. However, this is not the case. Instead, having left the more powerful, even-more earwormy chorus, the second verse is both extended and developed. Featuring selective vocal harmonies as well as unexpected shifts into the head voice, extra dimensions are brought to the now familiar sound. So familiar in fact that you are caught out, on every listen, by the second pre-chorus occurring much later than expected.

Having caught us out once already, the latter part of the track sees this theme continue, most notably in the form of the half-tempo bridge. Building on the sound of the pre-chorus, and following the structure of the second verse, we are subliminally encouraged to further indulge ourselves in the contrasting side of ‘The Sunset Beach Hut’s sound. However, as you would expect, the encouragement isn’t required as with the swirling textures guiding us to an infectious conclusion, we are hooked to a level only equalled by the riff-filled musicality itself.

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