Track Review: Sody: Whole (Demo)

‘Filled with vocal inflections that can only come from life experience, you connect immediately.’

Intro to Sody:
Releasing her debut track ‘Sorry’ (2016), hitting the Glastonbury BBC Introducing Stage (2017) and supporting Tom Walker on the UK dates of his 2018
tour, it’s safe to say Sody (Sophie Dyson) has had a rather impressive start to her career. However, add to this the fact that she’s 18 and it becomes even more so. With an ever-growing following and each track making us want another, Sody is an artist to definitely be on your radar in 2019.

Track Review:
From the outset of Sody’s latest track ‘Whole’ (released 31st December 2018) there is a wonderful sense of assured vulnerability. It feels delicate, yet precise and enhanced further by the emergence of the initial lyrics, it quickly becomes touching. Subtitled as a demo, it showcases of the true potential of Sody as not just an artist but an accomplished singer-songwriter. Even as a demo, it sounds, well, like a ‘Whole’ track.

Moving through the initial lyrics, the story within feels instantly relatable and projected with inflections that can only come from life experience, you connect immediately. Set in a detached manner, each line is heard as individual thoughts rather than flowing, seamless storytelling. However, this no angry rant about being hurt. It’s refined, sophisticated even, and in hearing every syllable, you hang on to every word.

Having successfully pulled us into her musicality, the more flowing side of Sody’s vocal begins to come through. Heading toward the title lyrics, leaps in pitch and touchingly controlled voice catches bring added rawness and honesty. Taking this further as the track progresses, the second verse sees the theme of thought filled statements begin to subtly transition into the previously promised extended phrases.

Doing exactly this, the track hints increasingly at the focus moving more toward growing strength than the initial vulnerability. However, in maintaining the atmospheric centre of earlier – while changing the lyrical setting – lines such as ‘Left out, lonely, locked out of the party’ and ‘really though you took a piece of me’ perfectly balance feelings of reflection and self progression. It may well be a truly magically musical moment, but more are to come.

Initially brought about by rhythmic changes within the accompaniment – in addition to a wonderful modulation which in itself brings greater confidence – the sense of strength just hinted at pushes increasingly to the fore. This, while incredibly key to the change in sensation we feel as a listener, requires melodic content to get the full effect. Thankfully, with Sody’s song-writing as it is, she provides us with the most beautiful of lyrical changes encompassing the fact that even after everything, ‘she’s still whole.’

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