9 for 2019: Listen to Discover’s Ones to Watch

‘From funked-up disco to mind-bending musicality, let these artists kick start your 2019.’

2018 has seen so many different artists, genres and tracks featured that choosing the ‘Ones to Watch’ has been no easy task. However, after much deliberation
and numerous hours of listening, these are the ones for which I believe 2019 will be their year.

Features to Date: 
EP Review: Patawawa: Bedroom,
Track Review: Patawawa: Fight MeBehind the Music: Interview with PatawawaGig Review: Patawawa: The Old Blue LastReleases this year: Bedroom EP, Alive, Mr Romantic, Lie, Fight Me, Wires.

Why you should listen out for them: Continually providing the best soundtrack to the evolving wave of nu-disco tracks, their 2018 EP ‘Bedroom’ ensured the dance floors were filled all year. Never missing a beat, their sound is one that can make anywhere feel like you’re at a Patawawa Party. If you haven’t been to one, consider this your invitation.

Declan J Donovan:
Features to Date: Artist Review: Declan J DonovanTrack Review: Declan J Donovan: Human WayReleases this year: Human Way, Numb, Pieces.

Why you should listen out for him: Touring during 2018 in both the UK and Germany, and with further dates in March 2019, the honesty found in Declan’s heartfelt lyricism is sure to tick all your emotional boxes. Expect more dates, new releases and appearances on acoustic stages to be announced in the near future.

Features to Date: Artist Review: THYLATrack Review: THYLA: Tell Each Other LiesTrack Review: THYLA: I Was BitingReleases this year: I Was Biting, Blame, Candy, Blue.

Why you should listen out for them: Ever-forceful but never loosing their power-driven musicality, THYLA’s festival stage appearances are on the horizon. A number of live performances have already been announced including SXSW. Listen out for an increase in radio plays and look out for further dates throughout 2019 – there are sure to be some.

Jalen N’Gonda:
Features to Date: Artist Review: Jalen N’GondaTrack Review: Jalen N’Gonda: I Guess That Makes Me A LoserGig Review: Keeva and Jalen N’Gonda at The IslingtonReleases this year: I Guess That Makes Me A Loser, We Fell Out of Love, Talking About Mary EP.

Why you should listen out for him:
 Effortlessly soulful, Jalen’s sound provides a break from the mainly manufactured pop-music we expect. Each release is stylish and showcases perfect musicality. A hit on both sides of the pond, if you’re heading to jazz, blues or soul festival in 2019, expect to see him there.

Stereo Honey:
Features to Date: Artist Review: Stereo HoneyTrack Review: Stereo Honey: AngelTrack Review: Stereo Honey: What Makes A ManTrack Review: Stereo Honey: Don’t SpeakReleases this year: Monuments (Acoustic) EP, What Makes A Man, Don’t Speak, Icarus, What Makes a Man EP.

Why you should listen out for them:
A firm Listen to Discover favourite in 2017, their 2018 releases – as well as their music videos – have constantly exceeded expectation. Continually balancing perfectly powerful musicality with intense atmospherics, their numerous live performances have led to an ever-increasing following. For them, 2019 should be their biggest year yet. 

Miranda Arieh:
Features to Date: Behind the Music: Interview with Miranda AriehTrack Review: Miranda Arieh: ImpossibleReleases this year: Impossible, The End.

Why you should listen out for her:
The quirky production, message-filled lyrics and Miranda’s unique vocal qualities result in a sound you can’t confuse. On a first listen, you may think it’s not for you. However, get under the personal experiences that run through her tracks and the musical highlighting of mental health issues quickly becomes relevant to everyone. Expect further releases and a move even more to the fore-front of mental health campaigning.

Calista Kazuko/Voice of Aiko:
Features to Date: Single Track Review: Voice of Aiko: Prescription DreamBehind the Music: Interview with Calista Kazuko – Voice of AikoTrack Review: Calista Kazuko: Sweet JailbirdReleases this year: Love Is the Cure, Sweet Jailbird, Prescription Dream.

Why you should listen out for them:
While running as two separate entities (but with Voice of Aiko formed by Calista Kazuko), the aim of creating statement led, thought-provoking music is the same. With hot-topic subjects forming the lyrical basis and the production style making them both stand out from the crowd, their tracks could well change their own lives and those of others in 2019. Listen out for more ground-breaking projects from both next year.

Features to Date: Gig Review: Kyan: Sebright ArmsReleases this year: Like Summer, Nothing Beyond, Lonely River.

Why you should listen out for him:
Writing tracks for a few years, 2018 has seen Kyan achieve backing from Nile Rodgers and record at Abbey Road. His at times Jack Garrett style production combined with silky smooth vocals and soulful influences may subtly edge toward a mainstream sound. However, he also keeps enough distance to be incredibly stylish. With his album release imminent – and further singles which are sure to follow – 2019 could well be Kyan’s breakthrough year.

Listen to all the 2018 releases from these artists on: 9 for 2019: Listen to Discover’s Ones to Watch.

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