Gig Review: Wyldest: Sebright Arms: 29th November 2018

‘Their no-nonsense performance quality ensured we were left wanting more.’

Gig Review:

For a few months now I’ve been tracking the specially curated gigs that Good Karma Club (run by Abbie McCarthy) put together with the aim of getting to one. So, with a rare spare Thursday evening, I headed to the Sebright Arms to hear what Wyldest, Kyan and Lauran Hibberd would have to offer. The venue itself – incase you haven’t been – is situated down in the depths of the pub basement and with a considerable buzz forming in the main bar area, I figured this would make its way down there too.

With a notable, but select audience gradually forming, the first band of the night, Wyldest made their way to the stage for final checks and hit us with their opening track. Lacking a verbal intro, there was a real sense of no-nonsense performance quality about them. Formed of just three members, but each taking on multiple roles (Zoe Mead and Mariim Kallikorm – bass, electric and vocal and Jack Gooderham – kit and backing vocals) the sound they produced felt much greater than you would expect. Kudos here also to whoever set up the closely mic-ed amps and levels to get the full effect! Clearly enjoying every moment of what they were doing, the joy beamed as brightly as their neon-coloured pedal racks. They were loving it. And while it was a fairly small crowd, it was clear everyone else was as well.

Having gone straight into track one, Zoe and Mariim welcomed us and told us what we were in for: a mix of old tracks and upcoming releases. The first of these, ‘Alive’ – which is next to be released and is taken from their forthcoming album – was a chance to hear even more power. Equally the plethora of pedals I had been eyeing up since I had seen them came into play. Aptly moving increasingly freely around the stage, the performance of the track lived up to it’s name.

Bringing contrast to their set, Wyldest moved onto a trio of influence showcasing tracks. Initially giving us the previously released ‘-45’, a softer edge appeared while the two which followed – ‘Quiet Violet’ and ‘Reverse Tide’ – gave us an insight to what we can expect from their album ‘Dream Chaos’ (March 2019). With the shamelessly stylistic nods to artists such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, it’s clear there will be much to enjoy.

Ensuring that the remainder of the set built further on the atmosphere just generated, the trio headed back towards their earlier days with The Poet (2017) and Stalking Moon (2016). Giving us just the right balance of musical ebb and flow, the lightly funky bass lines of ‘The Poet’ brought an unexpected groove while ‘Stalking Moon’, with its increasingly hectic nature made for a closing statement that left us wanting more.

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