Gig Review: Lauran Hibberd: Sebright Arms: 29th November 2018

‘Her mix of self-deprecating delivery and cheek-filled lyricism makes Lauran a force to be reckoned with.’

Gig Review:
Going on third out of the three artists at November’s Good Karma Club night, I wondered what more Lauran Hibberd could bring to an already amazing evening of new artists. However, with the band making their way to the stage to begin their set up and Lauran – dressed in a white boiler suit – taking centre position, you knew it would be something different to the previous artists.

The setup, with Lauran on guitar and vocals being flanked by additional electric, bass and drums, looked powerful. The lighting looked on the verge of moody. And Lauran’s voice when she introduced herself sounded, well, unexpectedly cheeky! Immediately giving off a sense of fun and noticeable quirkiness, we were told: ‘This first track’s called Sugar Daddy, don’t be alarmed!’ To be honest, it’s a good job we had the warning as with its mix of happy – if slightly dark lyrics, and rhythmically powerful accompaniment, it hit us right away.

Quickly making it clear that we could expect a spoken story to precede pretty much every track (which I never got tired of) the second, ‘What Do Girls Want?’ gave us the first of many anecdotes surrounding, mis-fortune, spelling mistakes, and self-deprecation! However with the stand out additional element of cheeky lyricism – such as the recurring line of ‘Hunny if I knew I still wouldn’t tell you’ – it moved from sounding like a new track to a classic track.

Maintaining what had just been made evident, Lauran continued to head firmly down the road of self-deprecation. Relating her third track ‘What a Drag’ to how people may feel when she speaks between her songs, and increasingly sharing anecdotes such as how she spent a week wearing a weird mix of her mum and dads clothes due to a lost suitcase, Lauran became effortlessly endearing.

With such a strong first half to the set, I thought – like at the very start – what more could Lauran bring. After all she’s already given us humour, musicality and earworm filled lyricism in abundance. The method was in some ways quite straight forward: take all that up a few more gears. However, the extent of it meant that tracks such as ‘TV Show’ – which wonderfully depicted ‘how life isn’t like one’ – and ‘Shark Week’ – ‘which wasn’t about sharks’ – proved the quality of songwriting and delivery was never likely to fizzle out.

Ensuring this was maintained right the end, and proving that it’s not all about power, the closing trio of tracks gave us a brief window into Lauran’s musically softer side via ‘Hunny Is This What Adults Do?’ Filled with what we had now come to expect, it made for the perfect precursor to ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’ before reaching the pounding finale of ‘Call Shotgun’ to close the night. If she’s not already, Lauran will soon be a force to be reckoned with.

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  1. You’ve nailed it David, excellent review. Saw this set earlier this tour in Birmingham and Shark Week and Frankie’s Girlfriend really did excite (they’re fierce, and fully-formed, and lyrically lush) which augurs brilliantly for an album in 2019 as they’re unrecorded as yet. Great blog, great review!

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