Single Track Review: Harker Moon: Muma Says

‘Seamlessly transcending genres, it sounds as classy as anything.’

Intro to Harker Moon:
For those of you who follow ListentoDiscover’s #FridayFinds via Spotify you will instantly recognise Harker Moon’s lead vocalist. Releasing the infectiously funky ‘Superficial’ earlier this year, Tommy Down returns with a line up of suitably like-minded, London based musicians. Debuting with ‘Muma Says,’ Harker Moon, featuring bassist Hal Briggs, drummer Ben Phillips, keys player Joe Caplin and lead guitarist Olly Jay prove that their music can’t be placed into one genre alone. However, if it could be, it would be in pure class.

Track Review:
Sounding instantly soulful and timeless via the combination of Tommy’s almost seductive vocal tone and old vinyl meets rain white noise, you immediately know you are in for a real treat. It’s only been few seconds but there’s so much atmosphere and with the lyricism incredibly message driven, this only becomes even greater. There is freedom. There is intent. Above all though there is a story of reflection which feels as pure as anything.

Having begun in such a delicate, free-form way, the groove of the track is found within an unexpected shift to one that’s of swung, rim shot infused drums and cheeky blues piano lines. Like the opening, it feels effortless and with genre transcending guitar giving us a 60’s vibe, the level of musicality already felt increases with every note. This said, as strong as this is, it is – at least at this point – little match for the lyricism within Tommy’s vocal. Featuring lines such as ‘Don’t be such a fool, treat them right’ and ‘Learn from my mistakes, I was with another’ the viewpoint quickly shifts to a life-lesson centred musical memoir.

Reaching the midpoint, which we arrive at without really realising, the effortlessly catchy nature of what has just been spreads into and through the instrumental elements of the track. Filled with backing vocals and luscious warming harmonies, you are transported away from the opening and become comforted by the musicality. Furthermore, the ever-evolving accompanying elements ensure the track grows in a reflective classy way. Never is it too much. Nor too little. It’s perfectly in between.

Hinting not once but twice at a musical climax, the appearance of additional percussion in the second half of the track allows our experienced sensations to seamlessly change. Focusing initially on balancing relaxation with the pace-pushing cross-rhythms brought about by Olly’s guitar lines, we believe a full on textural emergence is about to occur. But it doesn’t. Instead, the textures pull back allowing for a second, more driven false climax infused with ever-developing drum fills to occur.

However, while you may think having two false climaxes – especially so close to each other – wouldn’t make sense, it more than makes sense. For in doing just this, perfect prominence is brought to the reoccurrence of the opening lyrics and we are guided wonderfully to the track’s soulfully-soaring, rock-influenced, range-pushing finale. Don’t be a fool, listen to Muma Says right now.

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