Single Track Review: Voice of Aiko: Prescription Dream

‘Musically infused with psychedelic undertones, it’s impossible to not get addicted!’

Intro to Voice of Aiko:
To put it mildy, Voice of Aiko are not your normal band. Nor are they just a band. Led by founder Calista Kazuko and joined by musicians Samim, Miguel Toro and Jack Brown, they are setting out on a mission to make the public aware of the effects prescription drugs can have. The statistics – which estimate around 1.5 million people are suffering from prescribed benzodiazepine dependancy – are shocking. But in linking up with mental health charities including Mind and APRIL, as well as film creator Enya Belak Guptathey plan to be the voice for awareness. If this is a sign of things to come, it’s a voice we should all be listening to.

Track Review:
Hard hitting from the get go, the combination of glitchy samples and horns bring a cinematic edge. It feels soulful, yet unsettling. You could say it’s the perfect musical depiction of feeling content while the unknown addiction develops underneath. It’s insanely engaging and with the initial horn lines becoming increasingly brooding and
aptly pill-box-shaking style percussion panning around, a more gritty sound comes to the fore.

With the groove, and the subliminal messages of the track firmly set up, focus turns to the lyrics and it’s blatant stating of the whole purpose. Sung in an almost playful way, the lyrics of ‘I wouldn’t call it an addiction’ are projected cross rhythmically above the now half-time deep house meets jazz style accompaniment. The musicality is already of a sublime level but as we move through this opening vocal section, the seamless blending of regularity and irregularity pushes it even further.

Having moved through the initial section filled with more than a handful of thought-provoking phrases, we reach the first of the instrumentally centred parts of the track. Here, instead of the lyrics taking centre stage – although the production of the word ‘dream’ plays an incredibly key role in creating the psychedelic effect  – the instrumental elements draw you in. Enticing you at every note, you have no option but succumb to the musical, funk infused drug on offer. You too are becoming addicted and by the time the more exposed lyrics of ‘Take me back to somewhere I belong’ appear, you are completely at the mercy of the music.

Reaching the mid point of the track, a musical signpost in the form of a fade signals the restart of the opening phrases. This time however, having been sucked in fully, you just enjoy the combination of psuedo-ska style brass and dirty funk influences at play. The fact this ‘musical dirtiness’ also coincides with the lyrics of ‘I don’t feel right when I’m clean’ is simply genius. But like the track itself, the ingenuity doesn’t end there.

Causing you to develop an increasing sense of getting high from the track, you feel yourself floating and drifting to the soundtrack around you. However, while this makes you ‘zone out’ it allows you to get completely absorbed by track’s closing moments: a remix style combination of relentless electro-beats, infectious bass lines and even dirtier horns. Listen now and get instantly addicted.

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