Track Review: Patawawa: Fight Me

‘Leave your inhibitions at the door and head to the infectiously funky dance floor

Re-intro to Patawawa:
It may be 6 months since Patawawa launched at full force into the DIY disco scene via their EP Bedroom but that doesn’t mean they have been quiet. Following numerous musical hook ups since then including the positively booming Mr. Romantic (with French Horn Rebellion) and Lie, ‘Fight Me’ sees them return with their next sure-fire hit single. Fabulously funky throughout, it’s time to head back to the dance floor at ‘Patawawa’s Party’ once again. Read More at: Behind the Music: Interview with Patawawa

Featured Track:
Beginning with swirling arpeggiated synths, it’s an aptly dance like nod to the feeling it evokes. Immediately we feel energised. Immediately we are right back in 70’s disco influenced club. Creating the groove in this way – which essentially serves as the soundtrack to the hip swinging walk to the main the dance floor – it shouts of this being a track that will propel Patawawa to new heights. It’s an incredible sound and as Beth’s vocal cuts through you just know it’s about to get even better.

Having rhythmically handed us our invite to the Patawawa Party, the initial lyrics of “No-one can tell me because I just won’t listen” enhance the no-nonsense approach while a transferred four-to-the-floor ensures you find the beat immediately. Good job as things are about to get rather funky! With bass noticeable by its absence to this point, the verse takes on a transformation which can only be described as ‘face distorting.’ You know what I mean right? That moment when you hear something so good you screw up your face? If not, you soon will.

Full of booming bass lines, fabulously funky guitar riffs, ingenious interlocking fragments and smile inducing silences, there really is no option but to let your inhibitions be removed by the groove. As incredible sounding as it is though, it is no match for the chorus which soon follows. Opening with the rhythmically unpredictable setting of the vocal hook “Fighting you for no reason, I can’t win but I try every time” Patawawa’s sound takes off like never before. The musicality is at a crazy level! Add to this a post chorus full of idiomatic string counter melodies and you dance in awe of the soundtrack they are providing you.

Given what the track has delivered to its mid-point, you want even greater things to come. Not that it really needs more, (they have most definitely given us more than we deserve) but with the immense musicality Patawawa give you, you always want it. Thankfully verse two – with its summer sounding guitar lines – and the appearance of male backing vocals in the return of the chorus, provide us with exactly that. Oh, and just incase we do still want more, an instrumentally focused, pseudo-improvisatory bridge full of cheeky moments ensures we are musically satisfied right to the end. Whatever you do, don’t fight the urge to move to Patawawa’s groove.

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