Track Review: Stereo Honey: Don’t Speak

‘Hitting you with a euphoric wall of sound like never before, the ever-abundant musicality soars to new heights.’

Stereo Honey:
Regulars at ListentoDiscover will know that this is most definitely not the first time that Stereo Honey have made a track worthy of coverage. Nor is it likely to be the last. Released last Friday (29th June 2018), ‘Don’t Speak’ proves that Stereo Honey continue to promise everything and deliver even more. If you haven’t heard them before, there has never been a better time than now.

Featured Track: Don’t Speak
Statement-like in nature, the initial call from Pete makes
it feel as though we’ve landed in the centre of the track. As ever it’s a magical beginning and one that is instantly feels as much of a hit as everything that has come before. The introduction may be non-existent, but it doesn’t need one. This is a no-nonsense track which confirms everything we already love about the music of Stereo Honey: immersive tracks containing ever-abundant musicality.

Sounding thankfully familiar to many of their other tracks, the verse moves through at great pace with a mix of delicate guitar, rhythmically reverberating chords and dominating, tom-tom and snare drum led patterns. Finding the balance between restraint and power, it creates the perfect setting for Pete’s vocal as it swoops and soars above. This is indeed music of the highest quality. But if you needed further confirmation, the transition into and through the pre-chorus – where the completely absorbing atmosphere combines with the recurring lyrics of ‘Can you see it coming?’ – gives us a taster of what is to follow.

Signalling the arrival of the chorus, the texture shifts to bring an evolving sense of musical greatness. Here is the promised power hidden within that earlier restraint. With distorted guitar lines a plenty and the title led lyrics of ‘Don’t speak, don’t think, don’t listen’ ringing out, Stereo Honey hit you with a wall of sound unlike anything in their tracks to date. It’s on a completely different level. As for Pete’s vocal delivery, his portamento ending to the chorus is just sublime. Is there anything this band can’t do?

Moving toward the middle of the track, the earlier anticipation builds even further with incredibly stylish alterations of the previous content. Joined by additional, more prominent harmonies, both the pre-chorus and the chorus itself steer the track into a full-on festival sound. You can just picture the strobes, the spinning spotlights, the roaring fans and an on stage presence like no other. Honestly, you really can.

Having built to an insane level, Stereo Honey kindly provide us with an unexpected breather – or as it turns out a few moments to prepare ourselves – with the euphoric atmosphere making way for more exposed musicality. Sparsely accompanied initially, it’s an opportunity to be reminded that regardless of the sensation being created, the musicality within their tracks never wavers. Of course, this softer side isn’t the end of the track, but instead provides seamless guidance into a totally spine-tingling, power-filled finale. Whatever you do, don’t speak, don’t think, just go and listen!’

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