Stand Out Discoveries: January to June 2018

‘I can’t wait to hear what the rest of 2018 sounds like!’

2018 has already led to the discovery of some incredible new music from some amazing new artists. Here are ListentoDiscover‘s stand out track, album and EP finds from the first six months of this year. To discover more about them, simply choose your review.

Album Review: Sixteen Records: Volume One:
‘Crammed full of moments to musically catch you out, every track gives you more than you could possibly imagine.’

Album Review: MALMØ: We Come From The Stars:
‘Sitting above effortlessly tranquil settings, Maria’s vocal makes every track feel beautifully personal.’

Track Reviews: Sun, Moon and Talia: Beautiful Last Word & Strange Colours:
‘Encapsulating otherworldly influences, you are transported to an immensely musical place.’

Album Review: The Kubricks: The Heist:
‘The continually infectious sound makes you want to be involved in The Heist.’

EP Review: Patawawa: Bedroom
‘Musically calling you to the dance floor, you can’t help but move to the disco groove.’

Track Review: Hoshino: Stars (In the Night Sky)
‘Oozing coolness and sophistication, it lights up the sky in an insanely musical way’

Track Review: Kieran Mercer: Anarchy
‘Filled with sophistication and strut-inducing musicality, it’s an ironically harmonious listen.’

Track Review: V A L E: Better Place
‘From start to end it’s a hit-affirming, infection filled track.’

Track Review: Falcon Jane: Go With The Flow
‘Gently transforming into a luxurious sound, you become comforted by the musicality.’

EP Review: Jamison Isaak: EP 2
‘Providing 16 minutes of musical serenity, it relaxes you to the core’


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