Track Review: Loux: Cool

‘With burrowing vocal hooks and infectiously funky riffs it almost feels too good!’

Intro to Loux:
Consisting of Chris Milnes (Drums), Jordan Hodson (Keys and Vocals) and Ali Wells (Guitar), Leeds based electro-pop trio Loux have already proven their musical worth. Performing at Blue Dot Festival last year, and at Long Division earlier this month, it’s clear that their sound is being noticed for all the right reasons. And why shouldn’t it be? With the perfect combination of infectious riffs and enticing vocals, their follow up single to Meet Me Halfway‘, ‘Cool showcases what it surely only the start of what is to come.

Track Review: Cool
Beginning with an enticing combination of crescendoing synth, rhythmically echoing chords and deep bass, ‘Cool’ immediately lives up to its name. Sitting between dance-inducing and relaxing, it’s energy is at the most apt of levels. As introductions go, it certainly contains all the hallmarks of turning into a great track and with the emergence of heavily panned guitar riffs and thumping drums, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to disappoint.

Working in a call and response manner with the accompanying elements, the opening lyrics of Jordan’s vocal both compliment and contrast with its surroundings. Projecting above the polyphonic texture of dreamy synth lines, infectiously funky guitar riffs and driving rhythmical patterns, the delicate yet slightly edgy tone perfectly reflects the instrumental nuances. Likewise, the interweaving instrumental interjections mean it quickly becomes a musical tease of what it to come.

Bringing textural difference as well as atmospheric, the pre chorus sees the focus of the track shift with Jordan’s beautifully echoing vocal becoming more exposed. Feeling more vulnerable than previously, and accompanied by more sustained harmonies rather than groove inducing musical content, it wonderfully reflects the rhetorically questioning lyrics of ‘Maybe you’re waiting for a girl to be laid back with you?’ However, in the second half, the gradual emergence of tom-tom led patterns cut through, hinting at a return to the tracks the more rhythmic origins.

While the track has developed somewhat to this point, the chorus sees the culmination of previous musicality combine with the most earwormy of vocal hooks. Bursting – crying out almost – through the sound, the lyrics of ‘What am I supposed to do?’ ring clear. Nodding to the tracks inspiration – that of relationship based realisation and self-acceptance – they sum up this sensation in both delivery and content. But additionally they go beyond this as immediately burrowing their way into your head, you feel like they are almost too good! Of course, that’s no bad thing, none what so ever, and thankfully this isn’t the only time get to hear them.

Heading into and through the remainder of the track, the musicality remains the same, but with increasing depth, a greater sense of power emerges. Initially signalled by the more dominating nature of the accompaniment, the track really hits its stride and, in a further nod to the meaning behind it, the earlier, more laid back atmosphere begins to disappear. Likewise, Jordan’s vocal gains strength and becoming filled with skilful inflections, we are treated to yet more wonderful musicality before a rock influenced bridge leads us to a final, question filled chorus. The answer? Head to the dance floor and enjoy the infectious groove.

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