Track Review: Becky Bowe: That’s How Love Works

‘Balancing hints of the track’s direction with touchingly restrained musicality, it demonstrates songwriting at an incredibly sophisticated level.’

Intro to Becky:
Hailing from Yorkshire, 21 year old singer-songwriter Becky Bowe is on track to break the mould when it
comes to honest lyricism. Always reflecting her personal experiences within her music, Becky’s tracks are ones
that lay out the truth of life for all to hear. Showcasing this beautifully, her latest track ‘That’s How Love Works’ tells us of the ups and downs within relationships and how a rough patch doesn’t have to mean the end.

Track Review: That’s How Love Works
Sounding immediately reminiscent of Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good,’ the introduction to ‘That’s How Love Works’ is one that instantly grabs our attention. Formed of accented guitar (Euan Evans), swung piano (Michael Kempster) and enticing bass lines (Harry Beech), it feels beautifully familiar and in perfectly complimenting the lusciously effortless nature of Becky’s rich vocal, a quintessential jazz waltz feel is established.

Taking us into the opening verse, Becky begins her intimate, heartfelt storytelling. As expected, it feels honest and emotion filled. But this isn’t just down to the lyrics themselves. Unlike a lot of tracks which are focused around love – and its breakdown – the emotion doesn’t come solely from the words, but all areas of Becky’s musicality. Of course the message is within the lyrics, but set against an accompaniment centred on variations of the introductory elements and the wonderful addition of rim-shot infused drum kit (Chloe Gumbley), the meaning is given perfect context. Balancing hints as to where the track will go with touchingly restrained musicality, it demonstrates songwriting at an incredibly sophisticated level.

Reaching the chorus, the musical growth we have just been promised, begins to come to the fore through the use of developing harmonies and increasingly engaging lyrical content. Soaring into her upper range, Becky wonderfully emphasises the lead lyrics of ‘I see us falling apart’ while remaining skilfully restrained. Sure the emotion is there – in fact it’s a clear as the musicality itself – but it’s beautifully understated. This said, as we move through the remainder of the chorus, this restraint begins to give way and accompanied by the warm, soothing, additional backing vocals of Akin Amusan and Hannah Slavin, that emotion moves more centre stage.

Helping to ensure that the emotional ebb and flow continues, the second verse sees a short return of Becky’s softer vocal tone as it passes through further reflective lyrics. Formed of unexpected phrasing and containing words such as ‘bruised’ and ‘confused,’ any sense of predictability is cast aside leaving free-thought style lyricism. Full of literal and metaphorical meaning, these, combined with their growing accompaniment, make for the perfect precursor to the track’s full on, title centred finale. Completely transforming from its more humble beginnings, ‘That’s How Love Works’ leaves you wanting the musical relationship to continue.

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