Behind the Music: Sixteen Records Interview Series: Interview with JOULE

‘We love performing. It makes us feel alive!’

Describe your music style in no more than 5 words: Jemma: Glitchy, sad-dance, electronic, swirling, duo.  Ellii: Lullabies lost between dreams / nightmares

Who else is involved in your music? Jemma: Just the two of us! And whoever we get to mix our music. We like to have the producer’s taste/twist on it.  Ellii: I think there are a lot of people involved – just indirectly through support and inspiration. No one writes or rehearses with us but for me a JOULE gig wouldn’t be a gig if I wasn’t on the phone to my mum or a friend whilst I’m rushing to dressed and ready to leave.

Where is your go-to place for writing new tracks? Jemma: My bedroom in my PJs.  Ellii: I like to be outside so it depends on the weather – I write the quickest on the train. Then I’ll join the PJ party with Jemma and her keyboards!

Do you have any releases and/or performances coming up soon? Our May single Unmade Fire came out a few days ago! It was also reproduced by Lotte and released on the Sixteen Records Compilation Album. We’re aiming to release our final single Mind-Chain in June/July before working on our album. Performance wise we’re currently touring the Netherlands! *Dun Dun Duuuhhhn!* We connect as many events as possible to our Facebook page so that’s the best way to find out about upcoming gigs.

What has it been like getting signed to Sixteen Records? To be honest, we probably didn’t realise the extent of what we’d agreed to when Lotte first asked if we wanted to be involved, but her dedication to the launch has been amazing. We’re incredibly excited and have loved being involved in the magical beginnings of the electronic community she’s growing.

‘It’s really difficult for artists to be trusted by members of the
industry if they don’t have a strong online presence.’

Which other artists on the Sixteen Records roster do you know/have you worked with before? We think we’ve got some sort of connection with everyone! Between us we’ve played at the same gig, been an audience member, gone to parties, worked in uni classes, played tracks on the radio and even performed in a band with one or two people.

How do you think being signed to a label will help you develop as an artist? Unless one of us has taken part in some secret signing, we’re not sure if there is an official signing as such… we’re celebrating the mystery of it though! Bumping into other artists working with Sixteen Records has been one of the best bits. We definitely think it’s increasing networking opportunities, potential collaborations and having a positive effect on audience numbers – all wonderful developments.

We both strongly dislike / rarely enjoy doing our social media so we are ridiculously grateful for the hard work Lotte and everyone has put into this side of being in a band. The PR and general advertising so far has been great for us and being linked to Sixteen Records will be invaluable if this kind of support continues. It’s really difficult for artists to be trusted by members of the industry if they don’t have a strong online presence. All in all, Sixteen Records has made us very happy bunnies indeed, thank you Lotte & Co!!

Do you prefer performing live or recording in a studio? Jemma: LIVE! Because it makes me feel alive.  Ellii: I prefer performing live. I love the social side and we know our music inside out and upside down so it’s second nature to do live gigs.

What was the first concert/gig that you were involved in? Our first gig together as JOULE was at The Wardrobe, Leeds and they’ve been pretty regular since then! Individually…  Jemma: Mine was at West Street Live in Sheffield as part of my BTEC music college course aged 16 playing keyboard.  Ellii: Mine was probably either singing in a choir or fashion show when I was tiny, age 3 or 4 or something. Or playing steel pans at a Christmas music festival.

What is the point of music? Music helps people comprehend and deal with their emotions. It can overpower loneliness and give people strength – we’ve seen music help people to learn to speak. There are so many incredible and even scientific points to music but even if there weren’t, music makes people happy and that is enough!

Any interesting facts about yourself you would like to share? We love peanut butter. JOULE is fuelled by peanut butter. And glitter glue.

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