Behind the Music: Sixteen Records Interview Series: Interview with Eyre Llew

‘We’re very self critical and probably spend too much time questioning how things sound!’

Describe your music style in no more than 5 words: Atmospheric, reverby, dynamic rock music.

How old are you and where are you from? We are 27-30 years old and based in Nottingham, UK.

Which instruments do you play?
Sam – Guitar and vocals, Jack B – Guitar, Jack C – Drums & Piano

Who else is involved in your music? So far we have independently wrote, recorded, produced and released our music.

Where is your go-to place for writing new tracks? Our rehearsal/recording studio. We previously ran a rehearsal rooms in Nottingham called BSV Studios before we unfortunately had to close it prior to our 6 week European tour last year. We now have a big permanent unit space in Lincolnshire where we write and rehearse in.

Do you have any releases and/or performances coming up soon? We’re touring through the UK in May with a S.Korean band called In The Endless Zanhyang We Are as part of a tour exchange. When we go out for our Asian tour later this year, some of our Korean dates will be with them. As part of our work with them, we’re going into the studio in Seoul to collaborate on some tracks, add in our own songs and work on releasing a split EP early next year. We really can’t wait for that!

Do you prefer performing live or recording in a studio? Performing live is definitely the most fun for us but also probably more work. The studio side can be fun but we’re a very self critical bunch of guys who work hard and probably spend too much time questioning how things sound and stuff… To put it into perspective, we recorded our album ‘Atelo’ two or three times before we even considered releasing it.

Why did you become involved in music? For all of us it’s probably the thing we excelled in and because of that found the most enjoyment in from an early age. From there, several music qualifications and bands later we met each other and began the journey that is Eyre Llew. 

When did you first become involved in music? During high school, I (Sam) heard a ring tone in class and liked the tune. I went home, sang it to my dad and Turns out it was Lynyrd Skynyrds Sweet Home Alabama. From there I saved up all my part time job money, went out and bought a starter guitar set and after playing it everyday for three months, fell in love with it. When a friend of mine found out I was playing and her boyfriend’s band needed a guitarist, she put me forward. I auditioned, and the day after they said “learn these songs for tomorrow and we’ll rehearse them after school.” So I went home and played them ’til I fell asleep.

The day after, I went to that rehearsal after school and they said “Great, you’re in the band, now lets go to the pub…” I didn’t understand why we were taking our guitars but when we got there they told me we had a gig that night. MY FIRST EVER SHOW! It was one of the most overwhelming things I’ve ever done but from that moment I was hooked on playing live and being in bands. Some years later, I’m still going.

What has music enabled you to do? I’m very grateful to have been able to see so much of the world and meet so many amazing, encouraging and loving people through touring my band’s music. I feel very blessed to have achieved what I have so far and although much of it is hard work, perseverance and persistence, it’s something that really grabs you and keeps you going with every little personal victory. The people around you and those little achievements are what keeps you going.

What was the first concert/gig that you were involved in? Eyre Llew’s first show wasn’t until about nine months after starting the band. We held out for a while because we started out just writing and releasing music every month. That was our way of discovering the kind of stuff we wanted to write.

‘The people around you and the little achievements are
what keeps you going.’

What is the most recent performance you did? We’re currently on tour with a South Korean band called ‘In The Endless Zanhyang We Are’ so have been playing shows close to everyday through May all around England and Wales.

Who was the first musician/band you saw live? The first show I ever went to without my parents was ‘Bowling For Soup’ at Rock City, Nottingham. They were touring their album ‘A Hangover You Don’t Deserve’ and were supported by Wheatus and Son if Dork. Fun night!

Who are your inspirations? Collectively as a band we love Manchester Orchestra, Alexisonfire, Bon Iver, Nils Frahm, Grandbrothers, Frightened Rabbit, Sigur Ros, Noah Gunderson, Garth Stevenson, A Winged Victory For A Sullen and loads of others. Individually we are influenced by loads of guitar based bands from all genres.

What is the point of music? That is a very broad question. For us it is a creative and emotional outlet. It’s the thing we enjoy doing the most and what motivates us to keep going.

Any other creative talents and if so do they influence your music in any way? Philip Clarke is a fine artist from Nottingham who has done every painting on every single or album cover we’ve ever put out. His work is very impressive and he’s way too modest for his own good. We’ve often collaborated with other creative artists on our music videos too. Our music video series we started making and releasing with a production team based in Nottingham has been a really fun experience. They’re all so talented and the output of their work is to such a high standard. Watch our video Havoc to start the series here.

Any interesting facts about yourself you would like to share? Eyre Llew are a trio and overall the band are a quarter Welsh. You do the math…

What has it been like getting signed to Sixteen Records? It’s been a real community/family vibe so far. As we’re from out of town we are yet to meet the other artists on the label. We look forward to the launch night to get things in party mode. 🙂

How do you think being signed to a label will help you develop as an artist? It’ll definitely develop a hub and a second home from hometown for us in Leeds. It’s the start to a building scene in the local area which we’re excited about.

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