Track Review: Rozie: Brown Sugar

‘Pull up a bar stool and sip on an effortlessly flavoursome cocktail of chilled musicality’

Intro to Rozie:
Based in Vancouver, singer songwriter Rozie is
embarking on a personal journey. Her aim: to create
tracks that capture the sunny soulful vibes she would listen to herself. While this may not be her first release, in working with Waspy (Dirty Radio) and guitarist Danny McKinnon (Pomo), Rozie has created a sound that stands for the things she loves. And what wonderful things they are. Taking influences from soul and RnB and mixing them with more than a few drops of summer, ‘Brown Sugar’ serves up sweet musicality that’s sure to brighten the dullest of days.

Featured Track: Brown Sugar
Instantly transporting us to the height of summer, the opening moments of ‘Brown Sugar’ take us to a wonderful place. Built around ambient samples of distant conversation, there is a real sense that you’re sitting at a beach bar soaking up the sun. It sounds perfect and combined with rhythmically infectious guitar and hand claps, each element compliments the next resulting in a flavoursome cocktail of effortlessly chilled musicality.

Having created such an inviting atmosphere, the initial lyrics introduce us to what is to be an understated, but sublimely catchy chorus. Projected in a soft and delicate manner, Rozie’s vocal sits beautifully on top of the irresistible fusion of dominant bass, syncopated guitar fragment melodies and relaxed, high-hat centred disco-esque drums. It’s certainly a move away from the ambient beginning, but oozing with perfection in both writing and production, it creates an even more summery vibe.

Becoming increasingly centred around relatable themes, the verse lyrics which follow conjure up images of the scene you are now fully part of and telling us to ‘imagine the sun on the ocean,’ you continue to sip on the sugar sweet musicality. However, while the lyrics help the track maintain its sun-infused feel, the real summer-filled sound comes from the sparse, yet cleverly arranged instrumentation. Filled with only a handful of sounds, the combination of syncopated and sequence based linking passages take you away from the bar and encourage you to take a walk you along the coast line.

Bringing a greater sense of harmonic content, the return of the chorus sees increasing textural depth emerge. Subtly developing from its origins, the accompaniment to Rozie’s vocal becomes a interweaving fusion of stylishly echoing vocals and increasingly intricate melodies. Add to this the stylish use of multi-tracked backing vocals – in both male and female forms – and it provides the perfect precursor to the track’s final sections.

Ensuring that the feel good vibe never leaves us, the track moves slightly, but highly noticeably away from the sparse atmosphere and into a relaxed, more floor-filling direction. Taking on a more free-form nature than anywhere else you may think this would be out of place. However, with the endless musical changes within the vocal and instrumental elements working seamlessly among the previous ones, it guides us perfectly to a relaxation filled conclusion.

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