Track Review: Stereo Honey: What Makes A Man

‘Pounding rhythms and euphoria-filled musicality makes for another incredible track.’

Re-intro to Stereo Honey:
As with any band who have a high regularity of output, there is always a risk that Stereo Honey’s music won’t deliver the same, evocative sound, which stirred my enthusiasm the first time. However, every time –
including now – they prove that this is a worry which shouldn’t even be there. Perfectly blending their combination of trademark vocals and incredible musicality, Stereo Honey again showcase exactly what makes a great track and as a result, that initial sensation
is stirred up once more.

Featured Track: What Makes A Man
Bringing their distinctive sense of atmospheric energy,
an urgency filled combination of relentless echoing guitar lines and bass drum sets us off. Pounding in manner, your heart does likewise and your excitement for the sound builds. Effortlessly getting inside you, the pulse-like drum becomes more prominent and transforms into a panning whirlpool of high and low tom based rhythms. Of course by this point Pete’s hauntingly warm vocal has also entered making it a totally sublime opening.

Moving through the initial verse, the accompaniment remains very much based on the opening motifs and in doing so, really pushes the track along. In contrast however, Pete’s vocal feels highly restrained and rubato like in nature a fantastically musical juxtaposition occurs. There isn’t a sense of rushing. Nor is there as sense of relaxation. There is however the perfect middle ground. The result of this – having been captivated by the vocal – is that we feel like we’ve reached the chorus sooner than expected. This is no bad thing though as it gives us at hint of what is to come.

Returning to the more restrained, yet driven atmosphere following the chorus teaser, the second verse sees much greater development in both vocal and instrumental aspects. It is in fact a real highlight of the track and progressing through, its extension allows for a plethora of musical gems to shine brightly. Initially returning to where the first verse began, it gently moves through rhythmic variations and delicately changing textures to arrive at a place where vocal harmonies and distant bell-tone chords become ever more apparent.  Transitioning seamlessly, it provides perfect guidance to the more powerful, lyrically hook infused chorus hinted at earlier. Like many other moments in the track, it makes for a beautiful showcase of Stereo Honey’s trademarks.

Breaking away – somewhat unexpectedly from the euphoria-filled chorus – the bridge brings a dramatic change in texture. Transforming into an almost minimalism inspired sound, a series of relentlessly repeating guitar lines emerge. Starting with triplet based melodic sequences, the atmosphere immediately alters and joined by further, highly contrasting motifs we are propelled into an anticipation-filled soundscape. Interweaving and panning as it does, it forms the perfect accompaniment to the title lyrics as they direct us to a final euphoric chorus.

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