World Premiere: Track Review: Luna Pines: Medics

‘Filled with musical fractures and intensely atmospheric textures, it makes for a truly absorbing listen’  

Re-intro to Luna Pines:
Having previously reviewed ‘My Own Ceiling’ and interviewed Luna Pines back in November, it was great to hear from Lotte with news of their next release. Entitled Medics, there is no sign of them moving away from previous inspiration – that which centres around mental health – and even with the line-up changes which have occurred, the sound hasn’t altered. And why should it? Seamlessly transitioning from the former trio, this captivating foursome – of Holly (Vocals), Lotte (Drums/Synths/Pads), Ellie (Violin/Synth) and Ryan (Guitar/Vocals) – have remained true to themselves and created a track which is even more powerful than before.

Featured Track: Medics
Aptly formed of musical fractures, the initial few seconds of Medics is filled with confusion. Based around the opening lyrics of ‘Don’t they know?’ this vocally textural soundscape throws us into what is to be an immersive track. Set in this way, it’s incredibly reflective of times where personal mentality may not be how you want it and as a result, it’s immediately moving. For some – especially those who haven’t heard Luna Pines before – this opening may make you think it’s not for you. However, I strongly advise you to immediately throw out this thought and listen to how a state of mental emergency can be turned into beautiful music.

Having created this heavily evocative atmosphere, the track remains – for the time being – in a similar vein as the opening phrase transforms in the fuller question of ‘Don’t they it’s the end of the world?’ Again musically re-enforcing the tracks stimulus, it perfectly depicts how close we sometimes are to needing help. However, in contrasting with the more hopeful sounding electric guitar, these immensely personal and reflective lyrics draw you in, rather than distance you. As a listener, you indeed want to help. But help is already on its way in the form of Holly’s soothing vocal.

Moving out of the introduction, the track begins to head in a more structured direction, with the emergence of fully sung lyrics. Sounding immensely heartfelt the lyrics of ‘Out of the water, I’m coming up’ speak to you in a highly touching way and with the accompaniment whispering of loneliness, you can help but become enthralled as Holly’s vocal floats above. Set in such a stylish way, this tricky subject matter is one that you can completely connect with.

Progressing through, the less disjointed – but still fragmented – nature of the track remains a key focus. However, in merging together, a musical nod to personal confidence begins to break through. Now comprised of delicate bass lines, encouragement-filled guitar chords and glitch-infused drums, a wonderful sense of hope begins to come through. Hinting at the wanting things to improve, the question of ‘Can we get out?’ is asked and in seamlessly blending with what has come before, the mixed emotions held within are depicted in a sublime way.

Heading into the latter parts of the track, an unapologetically panned siren cuts through Holly’s now exposed, heavily echoing vocal. Signalling the half-way point, these hypnotic sounding few seconds – and those which immediately follow – provide the perfect musical nod to the crossroads of mentality we can sometimes feel. Creating a wonderfully imaginative connection between the help required and the help which is to be found, it’s a beautifully full on acknowledgement of the track’s origins. But more is to come.

Ever-increasing in strength, the established texture of interweaving experimental fragments takes us to an almost cinematic climax. Here, having seamlessly fused the track’s elements together, a completely atmospheric sound washes over you. Completely enthralling us, Holly’s question-filled vocals take on their own textural form and swirling among the now spine-tingling soundscape, you are subconsciously reminded – one last time – to ask for help when you need it.

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