Gig Review: Sofar Sounds at Bianca Road Brew Co

‘It was a listening experience that broke down all the barriers you would expect at a normal gig.’

Intro to Sofar Sounds at Bianca Road Brew Co:
Arriving at my first ever Sofar Sounds gig (25th March 2018) I was a mix of excited, intrigued and confused. Excited as to who I would be hearing, intrigued as to how Sofar Sounds gigs worked, and confused as to if I was in the right place. You see, for those of you who may not know much about Sofar Sounds, it’s all about taking music to intimate and unexpected environments. The venue of choice this time, a small, independent brewery in Bermondsey known as Bianca Road Brew Co.

Entering the building, I was welcomed and told to make myself at home. I should probably point out at this stage that at most, if not all Sofar Sounds gigs, you are sat on the floor and incredibly close to the performers. Creating a sense of bohemian style, a somewhat colourful selection of blankets awaited on the concrete, beyond which was the performance area. I knew it would be intimate, but I didn’t quite realise just how intimate. Already I was loving the atmosphere and the music hadn’t begun. Even though this was the case, a buzz began to fill the space and quickly became full of the 40 or so guests for the afternoon.

Starting his enthusiastic, pun-filled compering, Luke gave us a wonderful insight into what Sofar Sounds is about and the very reasons behind it. Additionally, he asked who the ‘first timers’ were and after a handful of arms went up, we became affectionately know as ‘Sofar Sounds Virgins.’ In stark contrast, many more hands went up when asked who were regulars and within minutes I could see exactly why. Put simply, it was a listening experience that broke down all the barriers you would expect at a ‘normal gig.’ In doing this, Chisara Agor, Martin Piehlmeier and Ganda Boys provided us with the perfect trio of musical treats for a Sunday afternoon.

To find out more about the artists and their performances, choose a review below and start discovering:
Chisara Agor: ‘It felt heavily intimate and we hung on to every last syllable.’
Martin Piehlmeier: ‘You felt, heard and saw every pick, strum and percussive hit of musicality’
Ganda Boys: ‘This is music which is about more than ‘just the music,’ it’s a whole cultural experience’

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