Track Review: Falcon Jane: Go with the Flow

‘Gently transforming into a luxurious sound, you become comforted by the musicality.’

Intro to Falcon Jane:
If you’re after hearing a band which seamlessly combines hints of experimentation with true musicality, look no further than Falcon Jane. Fronted by Sara May (Vocals & Guitar) and backed by Rocky Hardy (Vocals & Synth), Branson Giles (Guitar), Jason Kuschmierz (Bass) and Andrew McArthur (Drums), their sound is one that sits firmly within art-rock. Evolving all the time, but never moving too far from its reflective origins, their latest release, ‘Go with the Flow’ captures the style’s essence in a immensely beautiful way.

Track Review
Setting out with a wonderful combination of dreamy guitar, simplistic drums and gentle siren-like sounds, there is an ominous, yet relaxing atmosphere. Working as more of a soundscape at this early stage, it’s an immediately enticing sound and becoming increasingly so, you are effortlessly guided to the initial lyrics of ‘Are you seeing what I’m seeing?’ Heavily detached in nature, you may feel they would detract, however, through Sara’s lightly-hypnotic vocal blending perfectly with its musical surroundings, any concerns of potential jarring are soon put to rest.

Moving through the opening verse, the influences within the accompanying instrumentation shift to one which feels more settled. Developing from the atmospheric opening, the panning of rhythmically picked note patterns, mixed with more sustained ones, brings more than a hint of true melodic content. This said, while the overlapping of these motifs brings added intricacy to the accompaniment, the main vocal – in which a more limited use of pitch is apparent – steals the show. However, while it may seem that there is a sense of musical imbalance – but a very beautiful one – here, on reaching the chorus, even more beauty emerges.

Transforming into a more luscious sound – via the emergence of echoing guitar lines – there is a sense of being comforted by the musicality. Indeed we are quite a way away from those slightly ominous beginnings. Pushing this sense of musical based equal opportunities up a degree or two, the vocal – now multi-tracked – brings added warmth and gentle reinforcement. It’s a wonderful sound and having fully lulled us to a calming place, the resurgence of the opening siren somehow guides us, uninterruptedly, to the latter half of the track.

Here, while remaining in a similar vain to the first verse, the second sees the reflective, questioning lyrics set to a culmination of the previously fragmented ideas. Now interweaving, the strength of their initial form becomes clear and as a result, they make increasing musical sense. However, while this may very much feel like it’s going to be the pinnacle of the track, it isn’t. Instead, it begins to soar off and arrive at a place where the real, incredibly luxurious sounding pinnacle, is reached.

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