Introducing the Spotify Playlists

‘Listening while discovering has never been easier!’

Listen to Discover’s Spotify Playlists
Launched 28th February 2018, Listen to Discover’s Spotify Playlists mean that you can now hear all of the tracks featured throughout the site without having to hunt for them. Giving you direct access to the music featured, the Listen on Spotify menu, shown throughout the site, means you are never too far away from making your next musical discovery. Additionally, at the start of each post, the enhanced images mean you can click through to the tracks you are about to discover and listen while you read. But there is even more to it than this.

Need a few moments to chill out? Choose ‘Chilled Discoveries.’ Need a boost of energy? Choose ‘Motivational Discoveries.’ Or if you just want to hear some great music, choose ‘Feel Good Discoveries.’ Equally, if you want to listen to every track reviewed – for which there are well over 150 tracks – choose ‘The Master Playlist.’ So you see, listening while discovering has never been easier.

To keep discovering new music, follow Listen to Discover on Spotify now.

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