Track Review: Declan J Donovan: Human Way

‘It’s a heart-wrenching listen that you can’t help but connect with.’

Re-intro to Declan
As you may remember, I first reviewed Declan back in September when I discovered his tracks ‘Fallen So Young’ and ‘Better.’ To say I quickly became a fan, would be an understatement. However, while they showcased
Declan’s huge potential – by both being incredibly strong tracks – nothing could prepare me for the musicality of
his latest offering. Released 23rd February, ‘Human Way’ – which was written during a time of anxiety and depression – is an honest and heart-wrenching listen that you can’t help but connect with.

Featured Track: Human Way
Opening with a delicate combination of arpeggiated
guitar and single bass notes, ‘Human Way’ has an immediately familiar sound. With no hint of Declan taking even the smallest of steps away from his previous tracks, this instrumental opening creates a beautiful atmosphere. It feels entirely honest and as a result, fills you with anticipation.

Emerging from the sparse introduction, Declan’s soft, warming tone gently grabs hold of us and guides us through the initial story-telling. It’s a truly emotional atmosphere and opening with the question of ‘Where are we going, where have we been?’ there is reflectiveness beyond expectation. This said, Declan exceeding our expectations is exactly what we have come to expect, and as the verse develops, this becomes heightened to a point where every note, and indeed every syllable touches you.

Continuing in this emotion filled manner, the chorus sees Declan’s vocal become harmonic multi-tracked. Creating an even more heart-wrenching atmosphere, it brings delicate emphasis to what is to become the recurring lyrics of ‘Is there still time to live your life?’ and in doing so, you become completely enthralled by the musicality at work. At no point is it filled with power, nor does it dramatically change in terms of dynamic. Instead, through this setting, the message is as powerful as can be.

Aiming to bring increasing – yet ever-restrained power – the effortless musicality continues to shine through subtle changes in the accompaniment. Initially becoming apparent on reaching the second verse, the introduction of a persistent bass drum beat is heard. Perfectly emulating the thumping of a heart when our emotions are close to getting the better of us, it’s a wonderfully musical stroke. However, as if the emotion to this point hadn’t been enough, on moving through the remainder of the track, sustained strings, rhythmical drums and sublime vocal harmony ensures that by the end, there most definitely has been. Prepare yourself to go on an immensely emotional journey.

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