Behind the Music: Interview with The Kubricks

‘We have a main songwriter, but many of us contribute to the process.’

Where are you based?
Half the band live in London and half live in Essex. Having said that, one member lives in Brighton and we have an Aussie and a Geordie in the band – it’s a real mix.

Who is in The Kubricks?
Peter Shreeves – Lead Vocals, Marc Rich – Guitars, Dave Thorogood – Bass, Stuart Barden – Keys, Dave Oliver – Drums, Chris Saunders – Trombone. We also have a sax player on the album called Sam Glaser. He has also occasionally played live with us.

Tell us a bit more about ‘The Heist’
The album is a year old now but a lot went into making this album, as with any album, I’m sure. The band’s main songwriter is Jon Spalding and he also produces many of the demos before entering the studio. These then form the basis of the album tracks, and to that extent he is a co-producer of the band’s music. However, the main producer of the whole album was Toby Davies – he’s the one who really made this into what it is now. He is a member and producer of the band Gentleman’s Dub Club. He’s very much an up-and-coming and in-demand producer. He also has tracks on Maverick Sabre’s most recent album.

Who are the guest vocalists on ‘The Heist?’
We have Sharlene Hector on backing vocals on many of the tracks and Horseman, Alex Osiris, and Mitzi Fox are also featured on the album too.

Does anyone else contribute to the song writing?
Yes, our old trumpet player Jackson Mathod (who has been replaced in the live set-up by Jack Courtney) wrote two of the songs. Many other members of the band are also involved in writing the songs too, and Stuart Barden has two of his own songs on the album.

Do you have any forthcoming gigs?
Our next live gig is Friday 2nd March at The Bassment, Chelmsford, Essex and the following one is Saturday 31st March at O2 Academy, Islington, London. We are adding new dates all the time so if you want to keep track, You can find all our dates on the gigs section of our website.

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