Single Track Review: Riveira: Remember

‘Palm muted chords and funky mid-pitched bass lines ensure there’s a feel good vibe.’

Intro to Riveira:
At a time when guitar led music seems to be everywhere, it can be hard to sound different. However in taking inspiration from a multitude of genres, Brighton based ‘Riveira,’ seem to be able to do just that. Officially formed in 2016, this male four piece band consisting of guitarist/vocalist Pol Mira, guitarist Louis Bell, bassist Craig Glynn and drummer David Ngochinya are on track to make their 2018 a year to remember. Read more at: Behind the Music: Interview with Riveira

Featured Track: Remember
Hitting you with a wall of sound, ‘Remember’ sets off with a succession of rapidly repeating guitar chords and accented cymbals. To be honest, it may not be exactly what you would be expecting given the blissful look of the track’s cover. However, don’t even think about turning off as shortly after, you find yourself under a musical palm tree that gives you a different feeling all together.

Breaking away from the dominating nature of the opening, the atmosphere switches to one that brings a sense of blues influenced relaxation. Comprised of palm muted guitar chords, a funky mid-pitched bass line and a driving drum beat, there is a feel good vibe. It’s joyously groovy and as Pol’s soft raw vocal emerges and we reach the half-time pre-chorus, you can’t fail to notice the influences at work. Seamlessly combined, it feels like one style, but in truth it’s many more.

Having given a sense of slowing down, the chorus sees the track take off once again with an infusion of sublime electric guitar riffs coming to the fore. Working as a link between the lyrics of ‘Inside I’m, just trying to remember,’ they bring a more delicate, yet slightly edgier aspect to the sound. Perfectly placed, it’s a wonderful demonstration of the high levels of musicality we can surely expect from the tracks which are sure to follow this debut. This said, there is further demonstration to come in this one.

Following a re-run of the first half of the track – minus the change in lyrics – a blues-rock guitar solo emerges from the more carefree sound. Heavily distorted and starting in the lower range, it initially feels quite unassuming. However, like all great improvisations, this humble beginning is there to provide room for growth. And grow it certainly does. Taking off and soaring above the much quieter accompaniment, its pitch-bending wail takes the track fully into a blues-rock side before returning to the effortlessly catchy chorus. As a debut track, it’s certainly one to Remember.

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