Top 10 EP and Album Reviews 2017

Revisit my Top 10 EP and Album Reviews here and find out just why these artists are on track for 2018.

EP Review: Joe Fin: The EP: ‘Energetic and funk-filled from beginning to end, it’s one hell of a debut.’

Album Review: Lauren Highley: Departure: ‘Lauren has stayed true to the cleverness and message driven musicality that makes her music so enjoyable.’

EP Review: Silent Natives: Loosen Your Grip: ‘While Silent Natives may have loosened their grip, their musicality is tighter than ever.’

Album Review: Oh Wonder: Ultralife: ‘Music like this is exactly why I love discovering new artists.’

EP Review: Tom Grennan: Found What I’ve Been Looking For: ‘Thumping bass and tom-tom rhythms make the title track an immediate crowd pleaser.’

EP Review: Amparo: Rains: ‘Each track is a masterclass in how minimalistic music should be.’

EP Review: Swimming Tapes: Soft Sea Blue: ‘Full of vocal and guitar based earworms, the musical world of Swimming Tapes is one you have to dive in to.’

EP Review: Ffion Rebecca: Love Away from Home: ‘The beauty within Ffion’s music is most definitely not hidden.’

EP Review: Brooke Bentham: The Room Swayed: ‘Cinematic, passion-filled and moving in equal measure, every track leaves you mesmerised.’

EP Review: Ardyn: Bloom: ‘Leave the dark behind and enter the musically utopian world you’ve been looking for.’

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