Top 10 Track Reviews 2017

Revisit my Top 10 Track Reviews here and find out just why you should add them to your playlist now.

Ffion Rebecca: Devil: ‘Tricking us throughout, ‘Devil’ is crammed full of musical treats.’

Chloe Bodur: Glory: ‘Crammed full with countless
strokes of musical genius, it oozes coolness and sophistication.’

Hannah Slavin: Daydream: ‘Filled with dreamy
musicality, it’s a beautifully captivating debut.’

Names: Limb by Limb: ‘Full of ambiguity, it’s a refreshing sound in a world of musical predictability.’

Stereo Honey: Angel: ‘Gently transporting us through
the air, we find ourselves floating toward the gates of musical heaven.’

Phalcons: Idle Ways: ‘While Phalcons encourage you to ‘get out and embrace the day,’ I encourage you to embrace their Idle Ways.’

REWS: Your Tears: ‘Dominating and powerful, ‘Your Tears’ has an explosive sound you just can’t resist.’

Keeva: Whiskey: ‘Keeva’s beautifully restrained, yet increasingly passionate vocal, effortlessly guides you through the heartbreak.’

THYLA: Tell Each Other Lies: ‘As the title lyrics ring out among the luxurious accompaniment, you become surrounded by musical delights.’

Betsy: You Won’t Love Me: ‘Ironically, it’s a track that makes you love Betsy’s music even more.’

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